Brexit latest: MEP tries to tempt UK to stay in single market AND Customs Union with THIS


Influence in European Parliament, the Belgian MEP claimed there was only one solution to the Brexit transactions and that it was necessary for the British Government to stop being “stubborn” and brook full alignment with the EU. 

Mr Lamberts said: “I am still perplexed by the inner contradictions of your Direction’s position.

“Arguing that a) the United Kingdom will leave the separate market and the customs union, b) that the United Kingdom Government hand down stand by its commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and c) that there longing be no new regulatory barriers within the United Kingdom.

“It’s a trilemma that cannot be explained. This has nothing to do with the alleged stubbornness of the EU27.

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Brexit information: MEP demands UK remains in the single market and the customs union

“It has everything to do with the stubbornness of facts. If regulatory divergence is true, it creates a border and no magical thinking can ever erase it.

“Therefore one of the three environments has to give and I cannot imagine the British Government giving up or taking a new jeopardize with peace in Northern Ireland, therefore it has to be a) or c).”

The Belgian MEP argued the solely solution to the UK’s Brexit “trilemma” was to accept remaining in the single market and the levies union and to settle for a “privileged channel” of communication with the EU once the UK resolution cease to have a say in new European decisions.

He said:  “In our view, the but practical solution would be for the UK or at least Northern Ireland to remain fully in the individual market and the customs union.

It’s a trilemma that cannot be solved. This has nothing to do with the claimed stubbornness of the EU27

Philippe Lamberts MEP

“Taking into account your eat ones heart out relationship with us and the fact that, of course, the UK would have to go after EU law without being a part of the decision process, it would be fair to create a privileged channel to your country to express concerns and suggestions.

“And I acquiesce in with you that we have to tailor the transition period to the practical imperatives sort of than aligning to any pre-set dates.

“The end of that transition should also be the cut-off rendezvous of any change in the status of citizens and we do welcome, like Guy Verhofstadt just did, the exact significant progress made over the last few months in that admire.”

The European Brexit chief diplomat Michel Barnier also insisted the UK “can’t use the single market a-la-carte” and obligated to accept the four freedoms if it wishes to access European markets.

The Frenchman told MEPs: “You can’t enjoy the status of a third country and at the same time ask for the advantages of the European Coalition.

“You can’t use the single market a-la-carte. It’s an integrated ecosystem and the four freedoms, categorizing the freedom of movement, are indivisible.

“You can’t want to participate in our agencies without a acceptable commitment to applying the law of the Union and the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice.”

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