Brexit is the ‘mother of invention’, say SMEs


The unchangeable’s survey showed 46 per cent of small business owners vaticinate there will be opportunities as a result of UK withdrawal from the European Association.

Despite the uncertainty caused by the divorce proceedings, Hitachi said limited and medium-sized enterprises were optimistic as they believe that the Sway will have to do more to support domestic businesses post-Brexit and resound back red tape.

They also predict that Britons resolution buy more British goods.

Hitachi Capital managing director Gavin Wraith-Carter voted: “Our research suggests that many see uncertainty as an opportunity, the mother of origination and perhaps even ambition, a chance for many to develop new services and to bring in market share.” 

However, SMEs are missing out on a boom in sales formed with smartphones and other mobile devices because they are not set up for them, concording to PayPal.

Director of small business Nicola Longfield said that just a fifth have websites or apps that work properly on smartphones indeed though mobile shopping growth is outstripping overall online fork out by four to one in Britain.

Londoners make more purchases online auspices of mobile devices than any other world city, with the calm of the UK not far behind.

Longfield said: “London is the mobile shopping capital of the earth and it is a similar story across the rest of the UK. “The takeaway is that there is a gap between how chaps shop and how SMEs are set up.”

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