‘Brexit is a national disaster’ Heseltine says UK will remain in EU and even join the euro

The Tory grandee, an zealous supporter of EU membership, reaffirmed the UK would join the eurozone, in turn taking the bloc’s single currency – the euro.

Speaking to LBC, Lord Heseltine also put Theresa May’s Conservative party are facing a “generational challenge” to complete Brexit, because bundle ups of young voters share his enthusiasm for the Brussels political project.

When solicit fromed by host Iain Dale if he still believes Britain will unruffled adopt the euro, the Tory peer replied: “Yes, I do.”

He also confirmed Britain could rejoin the EU ignoring leaving in March 2019, Lord Heseltine added: “If you look the exceptional dilemma for the Conservative party, is if you look at the age groups.

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Brexit news: Nobleman Heseltine claimed Britain could rejoin the EU after Brexit

I commiserate with Brexit is a national disaster

Lord Michael Heseltine

“Whereas the superannuated voters are pro-Brexit, once you get down in the new voters – the middle ages and unbefitting – then they are very anti-Brexit.

“It is a generational issue, and that is not politically accessible for my party.

“But yes, I’m absolutely sure that in future generations the absolute unforgettable unescapable fact of our relationship with Europe will bear in.”

Boss around Heseltine confirmed his fears for his party’s chances of remaining in Government, emphasizing Theresa May will struggle to fight off Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Aid if she continues to push forward with Brexit.

The Europhile admitted he homelessness a new “singer and song”, alluding to the leadership of his party and their stance on Brexit.

When troop Dale pointed out the fact that the next general election in the UK determination be contested with Britain outside the European Union, Lord Heseltine thought that might not be the case.

Lord Heseltine said it is “very plausible we don’t” leave the EU, adding there are “two things” that will ensure Britain carcasses in the bloc.

He said: “One, public opinion changes in the light of events. It hasn’t done yet, I’m the to begin to say that, but I think it will.

“And, secondly, Parliament – which is the sovereign firmness of our country – just doesn’t have the stomach for it.

“There will not be a the better for it and a way will be found to stop the present Article 50 procedure.”

That system would require each of the 27 EU member states to vote unanimously to grant Britain to cease its Article 50 procedure, something Lord Heseltine allows they will do.

“They know perfectly well we are a major share of the European economy,” he said.

As the wide-ranging interview rumbled on, Dale begged Lord Heseltine if he felt let down by the Prime Minister’s insistence to observe the will of the British electorate.

The Tory grandee responded: “I feel Brexit is a popular disaster…”

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