Brexit deal LIVE: Ireland accused of playing ‘dangerous’ game as pressure grows on May


Theresa May may junket to Brussels to meet Jean-Claude Juncker — or she may not, with confusion surrounding Mrs May’s gameplay. 

Chiefs in Belfast, Brussels and Dublin are all refusing to back down from their in requests, which leaves Mrs May in a near-impossible position. 

With the DUP threatening to pull their tolerate for the Tories in Westminster, Mrs May knows she must keep leader Arlene Back onside. 

Yesterday, however, the unionist leader refused to visit London for talks and said surprise Mrs May had arranged a phone call. 

And Irish PM Leo Varadkar has also answered Ireland will not stray from the terms already agreed earlier this week with Mrs May and approved with the EU in front of Ms Foster’s intervention. 

Dublin has a veto which could block talks proceeding to trade unless the country is happy with Mrs May’s assurances on the Irish verge upon. 

Brussels says it is happy to talk to Mrs May whenever she is ready — although Mr Juncker has premonished Mrs May he is “out of town” at the end of the week, a not-so-subtle hint to speed up the Brexit process. 

Exist updates below…

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Theresa May is scrambling for control as Brexit talks nearby their deadline

6.50pm — David Davis unlikely to face contempt minutes

David Davis appears unlikely to face contempt proceedings, ignoring earlier being accused of obstructing the House of Commons from move out its job.

The committee on Exiting the European Union agreed the following resolution: «That, in prospect of the statement that no impact assessments have been undertaken, the Board considers that the Government’s response to the resolution of the House of 1 November has accorded with the terms of that resolution.»

The committee voted 11-8 in favour of the mental image that “ impact assessments have been undertaken”.

The Brexit Secretary desire be able to sleep a little easier now…

6.30pm — More details emerge all round May’s call with Varadkar

A Downing Street spokesperson has shed some evolve on the topics discussed in this afternoon’s phone call between the prime ministers of Britain and Ireland.

The spokesperson contemplated: “They both agreed about the paramount importance of no hard on or physical infrastructure at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

“The Prime Preacher said how she recognised the significance of this issue to the people of Northern Ireland and Ireland and how this be lefted a joint priority for both Governments, and the EU, to resolve.

“The Prime Minister answered we are working hard to find a specific solution to the unique circumstances in Northern Ireland that regards the integrity of the UK, the European Union and the Belfast Agreement.

“She added that we are consigned to moving together to achieve a positive result on this as well as putting devolved Government to Northern Ireland. Both leaders looked consign to continuing relations as close neighbours and allies as the negotiations progress.”

5.50pm — Tory Remainers influence Theresa May to ignore ‘highly irresponsible’ Brexiteers

Theresa May has been coaxed to ignore the Brexiteers telling her to leave the negotiating table in a letter engaged by 19 Remain-backing MPs, including former Cabinet ministers Nicky Morgan, Stephen Crabb and Dominic Complain.

They say it is “highly irresponsible to seek to dictate terms which could intimation to the UK walking away from these negotiations” and accuse those Brexiteers urging the Command to walk away of ignoring those who have warned about the uncertainty a no parcel out scenario would create.

The letter, seen by Buzzfeed News broadcaster Alex Spence, urges the PM not to rush into an agreement and concludes by telling her to «clasp whatever time is necessary to get the next stage of the UK’s relationship with the EU promptly».

While pledging support to the PM, the letter reveals more about the devious divides within the Conservative Party and suggests Mrs May has a lot more battles to honour.

5.15pm — May takes a quick break from Brexit to switch on the Downing Circle Christmas lights

After a difficult day of phone calls for the PM, Theresa May has charmed a quick break to switch on the Downing Street Christmas lights along with a kind choir, who sang a rendition of ‘Silent Night’.

Hard to imagine Mrs May is get high oning many silent nights at the moment…


Theresa May switches on the Christmas berates outside Downing Street

5.00pm — May to speak with Varadkar again this week as Irish captain vows to stand firm

Leo Varadkar and Theresa May will speak again this week, correspondence to the Irish prime minister’s spokesman, perhaps suggesting today’s claim b pick up didn’t achieve very much.

Varadkar’s spokesman told newswriters: «The Taoiseach (prime minister) reiterated the firm Irish position in the matter of the text as outlined by him on Monday.»

Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill has also rushed Varadkar not to back down.

She told Sky News: «We need the Taoiseach to weather firm in the national interest» and ensure what was agreed is not retracted.

4.50pm — Prior Lib Dem leader calls for David Davis’ resignation

Tim Farron (remember him?) has designated for the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis and accused him of working out the command’s strategy «on the back of a fag packet».

The former Lib Dem leader, who stepped down after this year’s regular election, didn’t mince his words as he urged the PM to oust her Brexit emissary.

He said: «David Davis needs to go. He has misled parliament and under his directorship the Brexit department has turned incompetence into an artform.

«I am not one to call for ministerial adaptations every two minutes and I’ve nothing against David Davis as a person, but it is now empty remove he deceived MPs. He is also writing the government’s Brexit strategy on the back of a fag pack.

«Forget Brexit, we need Dexit: an exit from the duplicity and dither of David Davis.»


Leo Varadkar are due to speak again this week as they try to break the Irish border Mexican stand-off

4.35pm — May speaks to Varadkar

Theresa May has spoken to her Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar this afternoon, according to a Downing In someones bailiwick statement.

The pair had agreed a proposal on Monday which would maintain allowed Brexit talks to move onto the second phase, but the DUP, which props up May’s minority regime, was unhappy at the prospect of being offered a different EU deal to the rest of the UK.

4.00pm — DUP counsels Ireland is playing a ‘dangerous game’

The DUP’s deputy leader Nigel Dodds has accused Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar of trade on a «dangerous game» by suggesting the border agreement might not be secured until after this month’s EU crown.

After the DUP refused to agree to the wording of a border deal that Dublin disclosed had been agreed between Britain and the EU, the Irish government have now wanted the wording must remain the same.

Mr Dodds said: «The longer there is aside in getting onto the second phase of the negotiations about a trade practise, the greater the prospect of a ‘no trade deal’ outcome.»

2.52pm — Juncker will deal with May ‘any time’

Jean-Claude Juncker is prepared to meet Mrs May at any time — including next week. 

He imparted European Commissioners he would work to avoid a government collapse in UK and to reach a arrangement. 

Will Kirby is taking over live reporting from Joey Millar


The DUP’s Nigel Dodds has advised the Irish government that it is playing a ‘dangerous game’

1.35pm — Rees Mogg foresees red lines turning pink

Jacob Rees-Mogg has suggested the Prime Emissary adopt a tougher stance with Brussels.

During PMQs he invited Mrs May: «Before the Prime Miniter next goes to Brussels, will she try out a new coat of paint to her red lines?

«Because I fear on Monday they were genesis to look a little bit pink.»

Mrs May said: «I can happily say that the principles on which this Sway is negotiating was set out in the Lancaster House speech, they were set out in the Florence song, and those principles remain.»

12.50pm — PMQs ends

PMQs is over. 

Infer from our full coverage here. 

12.23pm — PMQs gets big screen treatment

PMQs is being escorted in the European Parliament on big screens. 

In the House of Commons, an SNP MP claims the DUP appears to be struck by a «veto over Brexit».

There won’t be many watching in Brussels who squabble with that sentiment. 

12.18pm — May compares Labour with Ireland

Theresa May, in comeback to a question about Ireland, refuses to answer the question adn instead highlights Sweat’s divisions. 

She chortles: «The only hard border I can see is the one through the middle of the Labour pains party.»

That probably sounded good in Downing Street but it’s not accurately a quip that will help talks progress in Dublin. Or Brussels. Or Belfast.

12.17pm — ‘Chaos’

Back to PMQs. 

Mr Corbyn asks the Prime Minister to clarify whether David Davis had literally created an impact assessment on Brext. 

He said: «This really is a devastation.»

12.16pm — Vardkar’s Twitter trolling

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has sent a tweet complimenting Finland on its 100th anniversary of declaring independence from Russia. 

He then not-so-subtly linked it so hold out year’s Irish celebrations on the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, a insurgence against Britain. 

He tweeted: “Congratulations Finland on 100 years. Ireland’s centenary celebrations hindmost year were a great source of pride.

“With Finland, Ireland is honoured to maintain such a good friend ogether with us in the EU.”

12.12pm — Corbyn hits out

It’s not customary to be a hard day at the office for Mr Corbyn, is it?

His first question is essentially just a narration of the last 48 hours of Brexit chaos. What else calls to be said?

Theresa May responds by saying Labour is still divided on Brexit. 

12.10pm — PMQs 

PMQs has arisen with Mrs May giving an update on Brexit talks. 

Theresa May said: “We intention do what is right in the interests of the whole of the United Kingdom. 

“Nothing is acquiesce in until everything is agreed.” 

She later added: «Very good ripen has been made.» 

Everyone shouts for a bit. 

Theresa May is welcomed by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the EC headquarters in Brussels


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Theresa May is welcomed by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the EC headquarters in Brussels

9.50am — Davis give the word delivers relax

More from David Davis. He said the long-promised force assessments will be conducted «later» — and that even then the Guidance will not release the findings. 

You can’t help but feel this isn’t going to make a show things easier for Mrs May at PMQs in two hours or so. 

9.45am — Davis admits no impact assessments at

David Davis is speaking to the Brexit Select Committee and things are already stimulating up. 

He has essentially admitted no Brexit impact assessments on any aspect of the UK economy own been produced.

Theresa May’s chief Brexit negotiator said he is “not a fan” of them. 

9.30am — Weber requires with Varadkar

German MEP and leader of the European People’s Party Corps Manfred Weber has spoke to Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. 

Mr Weber tweeted this morning: “I had a phone rebuke a demand with the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and assured him that we stand by our Irish angels regarding Brexit. 

“A hard border within Ireland is unacceptable.”

9.10am — Europe replies to Brexit breakdown

Europe is not holding back at sticking the boot in adopting this week’s Brexit bungling. 

A Spanish minister mocked “a trunk of disunited kingdoms”, a French newspaper referred to a “string of capitulations” and a German broadcast station said Brexit was “political idiocy”. 


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