Brexit could be delayed for a YEAR: Brussels to stall if May pushes on with trade deals


Theresa May and jean Claude JunckerGETTY

Theresa May and Jean Claude Juncker receive had strained relations since the brexit vote

Officials claim the EU on be forced to draft a new mandate for chief negotiator Michael Barnier if the British Prime Churchman does not renege on her negotiating stance.

And sources claim authorities may commit oneself to to put the talks, which are due to begin on June 19, on hold while they restructure their scripts. 

The revelations come amid growing impatience with the ‘shambolic’ delineate of the British side of talks.

The European Union had been planning to dissolve into the divorce bill, discuss citizens rights and resolve the issue there the border with Ireland first – before discussing trade. 

Michel BarnierGETTY

Michel Barnier could wait Brexit talks be a year

Michel Barnier and Nigel FarageGETTY

The UK voted to leave the European Uniting in a historic vote last June

But one senior diplomat said he could not conscious of Britain’s claim that it would be able to hold the talks simultaneously.

And he advised: “If they don’t accept the phased negotiations then we will take a year to marshal up a new set of negotiating guidelines for Barnier.”

The comments come just days after a disputatious snap election, which saw a gamble by Theresa May backfire on a stunning scope as she lost MPs while Labour gained.

Now forced to form a minority superintendence, the PM is trying to form a “confidence and supply” deal with Northern Ireland’s hardline DUP – but it could be light of days or even weeks before a government deal is agreed.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted after the designation results, saying: “We don’t know when GETTY

Mr Juncker allegedly said Theresa May to call the snap election

It is thought the EC President believed she last will and testament secure a big enough majority to free herself from hardline Brexiters – but was hand dismayed by the result.

An EU source claimed Brussels had also been secretly to the point Downing Street on the 27 member states’ negotiating position for the biography few months to allow the government to shape its response.

The source said: “They bear had everything, sometimes before senior people here have meditate oned the positions.

“Mrs May has known about the sequencing of talks since last September. No one of this has been a surprise to her.”

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