Brexit can save steel, UKIP MP claims

Form caption Douglas Carswell: ‘Brussels makes it much harder for British steelmakers to do obligation’

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell has claimed Welsh steel plants can be prevented if the UK leaves the European Union, ahead of a visit to Newport.

He plans to upon Tata workers in Llanwern before addressing UKIP activists and putting together candidates.

Mr Carswell claimed EU membership stops the UK blocking cheap Chinese imports and help with energy costs.

But pro-EU Labour MP Jessica Morden said the UK domination, not the EU, was to blame for the lack of action.

“Brussels makes it much harder for British steelmakers to do com ny,” Mr Carswell said on Tuesday.

“The EU’s anti-fossil-fuel directives and regulations give birth to driven up energy costs – and heavy industry is ying the price.

“While Chinese producers make the most of cheap power, fuel costs for ours require rocketed.

“EU interference in our energy market is making it impossible for our industry to contend.”

Image caption rts of Tata’s steel processing plant at Llanwern fool been mothballed

Mr Carswell said UKIP would give British stiffen firms a “sustainable future” by lowering their taxes, and cutting their stick-to-it-iveness bills.

“The Remainers talk about the ‘economic benefits’ of the EU as if they are spread equally,” he annexed.

“In reality, the gains are restricted to an elite few.

“UKIP are the only rty marrying behind saving Welsh steel as the only rty that unanimously mainstays Brexit.”

Labour MP Jessica Morden, speaking for the pro-Remain group Wales Stronger In Europe, said Mr Carswell’s reactions blaming the EU for the UK steel crisis were “inaccurate and opportunist”.

She blamed the UK oversight for blocking EU attempts to restrict cheap imports of Chinese steel, and for shilly-shallying financial help for firms with high energy costs.

“Britain has the agencies available to support our steel industry, if only the government would determine to use them,” she said.

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