Brexit CAN be reversed and UK welcome to stay in the EU, says German finance minister


In Pace Theresa May triggered Article 50, which signalled the start of the formal leaving from the bloc.

But it’s not too late for Britain to change course and ignore the endorse to leave in last year’s referendum, according to Angela Markel’s money management chief.

The EU would be delighted for the UK to remain and the door to stay is still make known said, Mr Schaeuble.

He also revealed he had spoken to chancellor Philip Hammond in the aftermath of the 2017 UK choice.

Wolfgang Schaeuble said Britain would be welcome to stay in the EUGETTY•IG

Wolfgang Schaeuble said Britain would be welcome to brace in the EU

Expectations of a so-called ‘soft’ Brexit have been growing since the attest to ended in a hung parliament, which would mean Britain checks in the single market and the free movement of people is maintained.

Mr Schaeuble barrowed Bloomberg: “The British government has said we will stay with the Brexit.

“We pocket the decision as a matter of respect.

“But if they wanted to change their steadfastness, of course, they would find open doors.”

The German wait on added that the youth vote for the Labour party is proof that the EU has a subsequent.

He asseverated it “would not be helpful” to speculate over Britain’s next steps, but revealed that it’s not likely the Brexit vote will be ignored.

Referencing the ticket, he said “it’s up the British government to take their own decisions”.

Mr Schaeuble added: “We would rather to leave them some days” to decide the next steps.

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