Brexit boost: UK officials to fly to US NEXT WEEK for trade deal talks


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The USA and UK force host a Brexit trade meeting next week

US and UK officials see fit meet in Washington on July 24 and 25 to “prepare ground” for a subsequent trade deal. 

It will be the first meeting of the US-UK trade and investment put to good group, with “commercial continuity” also on the agenda. 

The meeting was substantiated by a US official, who said Theresa May’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and US Barter Representative Robert Lighthizer will be present.

The official, who asked to balance unnamed, said: “The early discussions will focus on laying the spadework for commercial continuity for US and UK businesses as the UK leaves the EU and exploring possible ways to buttress trade and commercial ties, consistent with the EU’s common commercial method.»

Trade became a major issue during the Brexit rivalry when U.S. President Barack Obama, Trump’s Democratic predecessor, reported Britain would go to «the back of the queue» for a deal if it voted to leave.

The remark was denounced as meddling by those campaigning to leave the bloc, who argued that Britain wish be free to negotiate quick trade deals with major controls around the world once it had left the bloc.

He said: “What is going on in Turkey is unbearable and crosses all lines.”

Mr Trump has repetitively stated his intention to secure a trade deal with the UK after Brexit, this arrangement of cooperation could be crucial in determining Britain’s early successes largest the bloc. 


Donald Trump has repeatedly stated his intention to fixed a trade deal with Brexit Britain

The pair met for the first formerly in January during Mrs May’s official visit to the White House. 

In a joint take in ones arms conference, Mr Trump asserted his faith in the two states’ special relationship and tributed “lasting support”.

The meeting was announced the day after it was revealed

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