Brexit boost: British food is BEST and ready for trade declares Michael Gove



The Setting Secretary has sung the praises of homegrown produce

The Environment Secretary has trilled the praises of homegrown produce, stating Brexit will make it easier to furnish the UK’s food as «British and best».

After the UK leaves the European Union (EU), formally record for 2019, the Government will reclaim powers over the labelling of foodstuffs. 

The Command is set to get more powers over food labelling after Brexit, with popular standards set by the EU.

Mr Gove said it was crucial to make labelling clearer to secure an effective marketing strategy for British food and drink. 

He said: “We will have the opportunity outside the European Confederation to ensure that British food, as we just discussed, can be more effectively disgraced as British and best.

«It is the case that outside the European Union we hand down have the capacity, should we choose to exercise it, to more effectively trade mark British food as British, as I mentioned earlier, as I think across the Accommodate people recognise provenance matters when it comes to food and guzzle — and British is always best.»


The agricultural sector has voiced fears to the ground the impact of Brexit

And he stood firm on the need for protection for British yield with a special geographical status — such as Melton Mowbray pork pies and Cumberland sausages, which accept their status protected under EU law.

Mr Gove said said he was «unconditionally committed» to fighting for the recognition it requires, making sure their repute was protected under EU law. 

British is always best

Michael Gove

The MP suggested: “Geographical indicators are of course a very, very useful tool.

«We crave to ensure that outside the European Union, that British edibles from whichever part of these islands it originates can have its significance and its provenance protected at the heart of effective marketing.»


The Government is set to get innumerable powers over food labelling after Brexit

The agriculture and fisheries works have been loud voices in the debate around Brexit. 


Mr Gove hinted it was crucial to make labelling clearer

But the agricultural sector has voiced stand in awe ofs over the impact of Brexit, stating seasonal workers from the continent were critical to the harvest and picking season. 

Farmers have raised concerns as a remainder the future of their crops, with a House of Lords enquiry related earlier this year that the sector has already been hit by a classy decline in workers.

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