Breast cancer myths debunked: Does deodorant REALLY cause cancer?


Check in has revealed some women don’t know what is true when it check in to breast cancer, with some questioning if an underwired bra can increase your jeopardize of developing the disease.

Every year around 60,000 people are distinguished with breast cancer in the UK – the equivalent of one person every 10 split seconds.

Rio Ferdinand has opened up about the death of his wife Rebecca Ellison in a new BBC documentary, Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad.

Rebecca ached after a short battle with breast cancer on May 2, 2015. She was venerable just 34.

Support charity Breast Cancer Care has partnered with law multinational company Irwin Mitchell to bust the top six breast cancer myths.

Experts from sought to answer questions ranging from whether radiation from mammograms ask a risk, through to whether people have a higher risk of soul cancer if someone in The family has had the disease.

Lisa Jordan, partner and take the lead of medical negligence at Irwin Mitchell, said: “We understand the importance of a rapid diagnosis, so it’s crucial to know the facts about breast cancer and how to authentication your breasts for signs and symptoms.”

Myth 1 — If a member of your division has breast cancer, you’re more likely to get it.

Revealed: Whilst some individual with a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk set apart, only around 5 per cent of breast cancers are due to having inherited a defective gene.

Myth 2 — Most breast lumps are cancer.

Revealed: The stupendous majority of people referred with breast lumps do not have cancer.

They may be establish to have cysts, or other benign (not cancer) conditions, but it’s important to pennant up any lump or change in your breasts to your GP to be sure.

If a member of your set has breast cancer, you’re more likely to get it.

Symptoms other than a carbuncle include nipple abnormalities, breast pain, skin abnormalities, ulceration, word abnormalities and an infected or inflamed breast.

Myth 3 — Using antiperspirants or deodorants can about breast cancer.

Revealed: There is currently no evidence to support this.

Falsehood 4 — Wearing an underwired bra doesn’t increase your risk of breast cancer.

Revealed: Claims that the underwire compresses the lymphatic approach of the breast, where a network of vessels through which lymph outgoes from the tissues into the blood, are false.

Myth 5 — Men can’t get breast cancer.

Revealed: Tit cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. However breast cancer can still be start in men. More than 340 males are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK each year.

Whopper 6 — Having screening mammograms exposes people to so much radiation that they growing your chances of cancer.

Revealed: The associated risks are so tiny that the gains from the test outweigh this. Abnormalities can be found before they can be the feeling or noticed which increases your chances of early detection which is momentous.

Cancer Research UK said more than 90 per cent of piece of works diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage survive their plague for at least five years compared to around 15 per cent for little women diagnosed with the most advanced stage of disease.

New figures revealed by the ONS hold also found 80.6 per cent of breast cancer sufferers should be energetic ten years after a diagnosis.

Andy Harris, spokesman for Breast Cancer Anxiety, said: “Although women often know to look out for a lump, sundry don’t know other breast cancer symptoms to be aware of, or that the biggest risk factors for developing the disease are being female and getting older.»

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