BREAKING: Towie star Ferne McCann’s ex-partner jailed for 20 years for acid attack


Arthur Collins, 25, has been jailed at Wood Environmental Crown Court for 20 years after carrying out an acid rush.

His sentence includes five years on license for throwing acid upwards a crowd at a club in Dalston, east London on April 17. 

Handing onto his sentence, Judge Noel Lucas described the incident as “a deliberate and intended attack”.

The defendant looked pale as his sentence was read out – but still winked at his species as he was led to the cells.

There were cries of “love you Arthur” in the court as he was enchanted away.

At his trial, Collins admitted to having thrown the bottle of unfixed over clubbers,  but claimed he did not know the substance was acid.

Instead, he sought to have believed the liquid was a date rape drug, which he had snatched from two other men after overhearing them planning to picket a girl’s drink.

Twenty-two people reported injuries to the police after the circumstance on a packed bank holiday evening in the club.

Following the incident, 16 people were strengthened to have been burned by the chemical – with three suffering from pro tem blindness.

One of the victims still suffers from blurred vision in one eye, the court agreed.

Judge Lucas said: “His defence from first to last was carefully researched and choreographed in request to explain away the evidence against him.

“It shows him to be an accomplished and calculated Baron von MЃnchhausen.

“It shows someone who has shown not a shred of remorse for his actions.

“He threw the acid on three calls irrespective of the persons on whom it landed.

“His motivations for such a vicious execution of conduct was nothing more than a perceived personal slight.”

Articulate in directly to Collins, he added: “This was a despicable act.

“You knew precisely what substantial acid would do to human skin.

“Having thrown the acid across the club you slunk away and hid in the rear and pretended to be nothing to do with the violence you had caused.

“In my judgement, it was deliberate and calculated and you were intent on causing quite serious harm to your victims.

“I have concluded that you rally the dangerousness criteria.

“I have concluded I must pass an extended verdict to protect the public from further harm from you.”

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