BREAKING: Ring of Fire raging as earthquake rocks Solomon Islands for SECOND day in a row


Upright a day after a powerful earthquake, measuring 7.7, tore through the holms the area was rocked by another strong tremor.

The cific Tsunami Notice Centre (PTWC) issued a statement confirmed the quake had hit off Kira Kira, in the Solomon Keys.

Despite the forceful tremor a tsunami it not thought to be heading towards the islets.

The PTWC said: “A destructive cific-wide tsunami its not expected and there is no tsunami Damoclean sword to Hawaii.”

The epicentre struck some 55 miles off the coast and at a intricacy of 10 miles just after 7pm, local time, on Friday steady.

Following Thursday’s earthquake buildings collapsed and villagers, after let in tsunami warnings on their phone, fled their homes in the hills.

In the urgent aftermath a tsunami warning was issued for the cific, with islanders on huge alert and bracing for a potentially deadly wave.

The US state of Hawaii was also advised to be pre red in the event of a tsunami.

After several hours the PTWC nullified the tsunami warnings, and the clean-up operation was underway before the second pithy quake hit on Friday.

Earlier on Thursday a 6.2 magnitude quake rumbled off the glide of California.

The islands lie in the notorious ring of fire, which is a basin in the cific gobs known for fiery volcanic explosions and powerful earthquakes.

The entire courtyard has 452 volcanoes in total, and makes up more than 75 per cent of the have’s active and dormant volcanic structures.

Some 90 per cent of extensive earthquake occur within the ring of fire, and the majority of the most devastatingly persuasive quakes lie within the ring.

The ring of fire is comprised of tectonic portions, which cause tremors when they move and rub together.

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