BREAKING: One dead and 23 injured as two bombs explode in Thailand tourist hospot


The make someones hair stand on ending incident took place in Hua Hin, around 200km from Bangkok, with respective tourists believed to be among the victims.

The bombs – which went off as good as 30 minutes a rt – were hidden in plant pots and detonated by ambulatory phones, according to reports.

A police spokesman said officers do not have knowledge of the bombers’ motives. The injured have been rushed to three neighbourhood hospitals.

Eyewitness Mark Gainsford said: “I heard people shouting ‘Blow up! Bomb!’ but I didn’t hear any blast.

“I ran out to see if I could help. I saw eight to 10 people damage, on the floor. The police arrived very quickly.”

And Shane Brett tweeted: “Not till hell freezes over have I been so frightened, whole city on lockdown.”

A Foreign Work spokesman told “We are seeking further information following an upset in Hua Hin.

“We stand ready to provide any assistance to any British nationals involved.”

The US Conditions De rtment tweeted: “Reports of explosions at Hua Hin. Monitor local news for updates. If you are there & safe as the Bank of England, please contact family/friends.”

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