BREAKING: Military helicopter crash in Turkey leaves 12 soldiers dead


Turkey helicopter crash soldiers killedChirruping

A Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion heavy-lift transport helicopter

The country’s state ambiance agency, Dogan, confirmed the Cougar chopper came down in the Senoba locality.

Sirnak governor’s office said it crashed in the southeastern province of Sirnak, close the country’s border with Iraq. 

The helicopter reportedly crashed three micros after take-off, near the town of Uludere. 

A dozen soldiers were initially dispatched to have been killed in the crash on Wednesday evening, but the death loss has reportedly increased to 13. 

All those on board are thought to have died. 

A military account said the AS532 Cougar helicopter crashed just before 7pm. 

It clouted: “As a result of the painful accident, our hero comrades in the helicopter fell as martrys.”

The aircraft is fancied to have come down after hitting a high voltage power lead. 

Photos from the scene show the sky ablaze as what is presumably the helicopter appears to be engulfed in girlfriends. 

Emergency search and rescue teams unsophisticated to the scene. 

Evaluations were underway of the cash site.

Hinterland Minister Süleyman Soylu said the chopper crashed in the south-east of the outback due to bad weather. 

Wednesday’s crash occurred as Turkish troops are engaged in operations against Kurdish fighters in a huge region of Sirnak province.

More to follow . . .

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