BREAKING: London's Globe Theatre evacuated


The Globule was evacuated after fire sprinklers went off 20 minutes into a accomplishment of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

On Twitter, Lauren Davidson wrote: «Planet Theatre currently being evacuated 20ish miniutes into performance of a Midsummer Gloom’s Dream.»

Instagram user Joules Duncan took to the social course platform to show a photo of people following the evacuation.

She said: «They’ve had to quit the Globe due to the sprinklers going off.»

Another Twitter user also suggested: «Stood outside the Globe Theatre. Evaucation twenty mins into put on.»

The incident comes shortly after a controlled explosion was carried out facing the Israeli embassy in the city. 


The performance of the famous Shakespeare play was suppositious to last three hours with a 15 minute interval innovate.

A spokesperson at The Globe theatre said: «It was evacuated because of a system nonentity, we got the show back up and running at 8:30pm, it was deemed to be sage again.»



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