BREAKING: British Airways cabin crew members to strike NEXT WEEK


Fuse members working for British Airways’ mixed fleet put further weight on the carrier on Tuesday 14 February by announcing four more light of days of industrial action on top of the four-day strike planned for later this week from Friday 17 February to Monday 20 February.

The newly propounded walk-out will run from Wednesday 22 February to Saturday 25 February.

This is relinquish on the ongoing dispute over pay between BA and mixed fleet cabin corps who are members of the union Unite.

It follows calls for British Airways to take up talks at the conciliation service Acas and reach an agreement to avoid back strike disruption, according to Unite.

The union has said British Airways pass by to take up the offer to reach a settlement, reulting in the latest escalation.

There has been a total number of 11 days of strike action so far since the beginning of January 2017.

This industrial vim has resulted in some flights being cancelled and aircraft being contract from other airlines, known as wet leasing.

“For every hour British Airways ‘wet contracts’ an aircraft from another airline to cover striking cabin team, it costs in the region of £2,000 to £3,000,” said Unite regional lawman Matt Smith.

“Our estimates put the amount of money British Airways has emit on defending the dispute and poverty pay at £1 million.

“This is money which the airline has bewitched a conscious decision to give to other airlines rather than give a speech to pay levels which are forcing hardworking mixed fleet cabin troupe into financial hardship.

“We would urge British Airways to reconsider its costly intransigence and jot down talks at Acas and reach an agreement.”

According to Unite, since 2010 all British Airways new chalet crew employees join what is called ‘mixed fleet’, where in defiance of promises that pay would be 10 per cent above the market class, basic pay starts at just £12,192 with £3 an hour opposing pay. Unite estimates that on average ‘mixed fleet’ cabin gang earn £16,000, including allowances, a year.

British Airways has express in a statement: “All British Airways customers will fly to their destinations during the proffered industrial action by Mixed Fleet Unite on February 17 to 20. 

“All flyings to and from London Gatwick will operate as normal. All flights to and from London Town will operate as normal. The vast majority of flights to and from London Heathrow purposefulness operate as normal.

“To enable all customers to travel we will be merging a danged small number of flights at Heathrow – about one per cent of total swarms planned. We are contacting customers on those flights with the options ready to them.

“We will publish more details over the weekend in link to further strikes called by Mixed Fleet Unite for February 22 to 25, but as in antecedent strikes all customers will fly to their destinations.”

The premium carrier combined: “Our pay offer for Mixed Fleet crew is consistent with deals accepted with Unite for other British Airways colleagues. It also reflects pay awards given by other companies in the UK and will ensure that rewards for Varied Fleet remain in line with those for cabin crew at our airline antagonists.”

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