Brand Union reveals streamlined visual identity for Scania


The rebrand high points a new typeface and image style, and comes after the truck and bus manufacturer’s 125th anniversary in 2016.

Name brand Union has rebranded Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania, introducing a bespoke typeface and updating the society’s original griffin symbol.

Brand Union’s Swedish office looked to streamline the existing Scania sameness, creating a brand that is “powerful, unifying and easy-to-use”, says the consultancy.

“One Scania”

“Our initial label audit showed a fragmented brand experience, too many versions of logotypes, a species of generic typefaces and an aged image style,” says Brand Amalgamation.

Based on the manufacturer’s new brand strategy “One Scania”, Brand Union has replaced all of its be presenting typefaces with a new font family called Scania Sans in shot to give the brand a more “unique voice”.

Griffin symbol

The consultancy has enlarge oned a new three-dimensional symbol based on Scania’s existing griffin, which necessities a brighter blue and red palette than previously and swaps the gold king on the griffin’s head for a silver one.

A new image style has also been presented which includes landscape images shot from overhead.

The rebrand is currently being cycled out across 180 countries.

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