Bradley Walsh to QUIT The Chase amid Doctor Who rumours?


When the rumour was first reported that the 57-year-old comedian would be standing at Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor’s side as her companion last week, fans immediately worried about the future of their esteemed quiz show. 

But while the BBC haven’t confirmed or denied the rumours, Bradley has squashed the admissibility opportunity he’ll be abandoning ship to hot-foot it down to Cardiff. 

In a recent interview with, he described: “As long as they continue to ask me, I’ll continue to make it!”

The star also exposed that his packed schedule and multitude of roles in the entertainment industry don’t faze him, saying: “I simply love working, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s not a proper job unquestionably is it, and as long as it feels like that, I’ll continue to do it.”

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The Chase: Bradley sermons rumours he’ll be quitting the show

The ChaseITV

The Chase: Bradley is the presenter on the hugely all the rage quiz show

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The Chase: The star has been rumoured to be taking on the capacity of the Doctor’s companion

It’s not a proper job really is it, and as long as it feels like that, I’ll sustain to do it

Bradley Walsh

In the interim, fans of the supernatural series have rather commenced speculating that Bradley may be reprising his role from the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Imperils as villain Odd Bob the Clown. 

Taking to Twitter, one fan joked: “Bradley Walsh as 13’s confrere I’m screaming it’s Odd Bob the Clown’s comeback.”

Whether or not Bradley will be taking on the iconic character as Jodie’s companion, it seems unlikely that he would return as a cut didos given the the network’s teaser at the new format.

Rather, it is thought that the presenter determination follow in the footsteps of Peter Capaldi, who played a completely different nut before being cast as the Time Lord.

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Doctor Who: Jodie liking be the first female Doctor ever

An insider initially told The Picture that while the development would mean Bradley’s schedule intent definitely undergo a shake up at ITV, his place on The Chase stage will stoppage firmly intact. 

“Bradley is super excited to be joining the cast of Doctor Who in such a key lines,» the source said.

“It means that his schedule over the coming months bequeath be jam-packed – so he won’t be able to continue with the full range of programmes he currently establish f get ons for ITV.”

The insider continued: “But, crucially, it won’t affect his role as presenter of The Chase. He guys that show with a passion and so does the audience, so he’s delighted to would rather found a way to make it all work.”

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