Brace Yourself – You Haven't Seen the Last of The Bachelorette's Chad Johnson


Brace Yourself - You Haven't Seen the Last of The Bachelorette's Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson is one of the multitudinous polarizing names in recent Bachelor history, and he’s determined to make his 15 minutes termination far beyond his stint on The Bachelorette. As you may remember, Johnson quickly became the villain of JoJo Fletcher’s available and eventually threw a scary tantrum when he was cut. Despite his behavior, Johnson had (and however has) an unusually solid fan base. The Bachelorette has been over for weeks, but we haven’t minded the last of the Chad-ster. Here’s where he appeared after the show and where you can rumble him next.

  • He was on Bachelor in radise. You can’t say the Bachelor franchise didn’t try with Johnson. In britain directors enlisted him for Bachelor in radise, but he was kicked off the show in the first episode. He did experience a hot tub tryst with Lace, but things got weird pretty quickly by reason ofs to a bunch of booze. He got mean and disrespectful, and Chris Harrison asked him to take off in the morning. He promptly threw a fit about this ruining his chances of stylish the next Bachelor . . . which was literally never a possibility.
  • He’s usual to appear on Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s new show. According to US Weekly, Johnson order appear on at least one episode of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? on Freeform. The grant is premiering Oct. 11, and we don’t know how much we’ll see of him or what his role on the show is, but you can bet it take ins cold cuts.
  • He’s been playing up his “Bad Chad” image. Johnson has been full-on welcoming his bad-boy image in the media. He’s doled out relationship advice (no thank you), bound out at haters, and gone for many a shirtless walk.

Stay tuned for more from Johnson . . . and there liking be more.

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