BOTTOMS UP! EU wine cellar has 42,000 bottles — and Britain wants share after Brexit


Guzzle trade reports in the UK say Brexit negotiators want their share of it when the UK degrades ties with the bloc.

The wine cellar lies beneath the Justus-Lipsius-Building in Brussels and was established up to service the palates of mandarins and politician at their endless summits and meetings.

Most of the garnering, which began in the 1970’s, was bought direct from producers to age in the temperature supervised cellar to perfection. 

But no-one who is not part of the EU machine can get into see the collection swayed to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

BILD newspaper reported: «Diplomats in Brussels are now wondering what happens to Britain’s part of the beverages in the case of Brexit.  

«But no-one can look or photograph the repository:  the ministry keeps it behind closed doors.»

In 2012, a question in the European Parliament communicated that the European Commission alone  had 15,500 bottles of wine in its vault worth around 23,000 pounds.

The Council of Ministers was believed to beget just over 27,000 bottles in its own cellar in 2012.

Britain will hope around 5,000 bottles of wine, 250 bottles of spirits, two million beat outs worth of art from the European Parliament’s collection, and around eight million yards from the value of the European Court of Justice building.

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