Boris Johnson told off by Speaker for ‘sexism’


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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been reproofed by Commons Speaker John Bercow for using sexist language.

Demagogue Bercow intervened – to applause from some Labour MPs – after Mr Johnson referred to gloom foreign secretary Emily Thornberry as Lady Nugee.

Ms Thornberry is allied to High Court judge Sir Christopher Nugee – but chooses to go by her maiden standing.

Mr Bercow said it was “inappropriate” and sexist to refer to her as Lady Nugee.

He affirmed MPs should be called by their names and not by the titles of their spouses.

Mr Johnson had to be cause to remembered of Ms Thornberry’s title by MPs, as he answered a question from a Conservative MP on the Commonwealth, occupation her “the Baroness, whatever it is, I cannot remember what it is… Nugee”.

Mr Bercow tear someone off a stripped the foreign secretary, telling him: “We do not address people by the titles of their spouses.

“The veil Foreign Secretary has a name, and it is not ‘Lady something’. We know what her nominate is. It is inappropriate and frankly sexist to speak in those terms, and I am not having it in this Judiciary.

“That is the end of the matter. No matter how senior a Member, that parlance is not legitimate. It last wishes as not be allowed, and it will be called out.”

Mr Johnson subsequently apologised for his “inadvertent sexism.”

Ms Thornberry has from time to time been teased about her formal title by Conservative critics and in February terminating year complained to Mr Bercow when Theresa May referred to her as Lady Nugee in the Cheaps.

“Is it in order for the prime minister to refer to a member of this House not by her own rank, but by the name of her husband?” the Islington South MP said in a point of order.

“I pull someones leg never been a Lady and it will be a great deal more than being spliced to a Knight of the Realm in order to make me one.”

Mrs May said: “If the Honourable Lady is interested about the reference that I made to her, of course I will apologise for that.

“I partake of to say to her, though, that for the last 36 years I have been referred to by my whisper suppress’s name.”

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