Boris Johnson calls for PROTESTS outside Russian embassy over Syria war


BORIS Johnson calls for mass protests over SyriaGETTY –

BORIS Johnson has ringed for mass protests outside the Russian embassy

In his first speech as Inappropriate Secretary in the House of Commons, he warned the chamber the “wells of outrage are originating exhausted” as Aleppo faces total destruction.

The London MP said: “It is the UK week after week that is irresistible the lead together with our allies in America and in France, all the like-minded countries, in highlighting what is happening in Syria to a world where, I’m afraid, the wells of bitterness are growing exhausted.

“There is no commensurate horror, it appears to me, amongst some of those anti-war protest groups.

“I’d certainly with to see demonstrations outside the Russian embassy.

“Where is the Stop The War Coalition at the second? Where are they?”

Boris Johnson

The foreign secretary asked where the Stop The War coalition were

MPs have on the agenda c trick accused Russia of being responsible for committing war crimes in the war-torn Mesial East country.

Mr Johnson also tentatively backed calls from France for Syria and Russia to be studied for war crimes, as he said he believed the targeting of hospitals was criminal.

But he claimed nothing discretion happen quickly, as many convictions only happen years after crimes are committed.

Rebel troops in SyriaGETTY

Russia has been accused of a series of misdemeanours in Syria

Rebel troops on tank in SyriaGETTY

Mr Putin was accused of organizing an airstrike on a UN aid convoy in Syria last month

He said: “Every clinic in eastern Aleppo is believed to have been bombed, some of them multitudinous than once, and several have been put out of action.

“Hospitals procure been targeted with such frequency and precision that it is recalcitrant to avoid the conclusion that this must be deliberate policy.

“The Dynasty will know that intentionally attacking a hospital amounts to a war misdeed.

“It is time, I think, for all these incidents to be fully and properly investigated with a prospect to assembling the necessary evidence to ensure that justice is done.

“And yes, to retort the question that has been raised by several honourable and right fair and square members, we do think there could be advantages in the [international criminal court] procedures.

“And I at ones desire remind this House that in recent history war criminals induce been successfully prosecuted decades after their offences.”

Previous protest at Russian embassyGETTY

Scruples have previously been held at the Russian Embassy in London

The predicament Commons debate held today sought to review Britain’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with looking at commanding tougher trade sanctions against the state.

Former shadow cover minister Toby Perkins claimed Russia should be stripped of the 2018 Men Cup, saying it is “utterly ludicrous” the country was set to host the biggest sporting things turned out on the planet amid the continuing slaughter in Syria.

He suggested countries should either ss over the tournament or block Russia from hosting it.

Speaking during today’s argue, Mr Perkins said: “Isn’t it utterly ludicrous that in two years’ time the greatest display spectacle on earth, the World Cup, is going to be held in Russia, but not a single motherland is pulling out of that?

“If we are really serious about sending a message to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin that is agreed on the ground, shouldn’t we really be questioning if the World Cup is happening in Russia?”

Andrew Mitchell, the bygone international development secretary who called the debate, said he hoped Extraneous Secretary Boris Johnson would consider the proposal.

He said: “You change an extremely good point and I hope that when he is considering confirms, both economic and otherwise, the Foreign Secretary will have a in consideration of on that.”

It comes after the US accused Mr Putin of launching an airstrike on a UN aid convoy in Syria endure month.

Boris Johnson in the commons

Boris Johnson gave his first speech in the house of commons

Officials claimed two Russia fighter jets launched the noxious attack on the outskirts of Aleppo in a “revenge attack” for an earlier airstrike that killed 60 individual.

Wtnesses reporters seeing Russian surveillance planes circling overheard earlier the convoy of 18 tracks carrying vital humanitarian supplies was indisposed by a series of missiles.

Russia, a key ally of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, away fromed any involvement in the attack.

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