Bombardier forecasts strong opportunities for 60-150 seater aircraft


Bombardier has prognosticated that the 60-150 seat aircraft segment will encourage tomorrow growth in the commercial aircraft sector.

In its newly released 2017-2036 Call Forecast, Bombardier has predicted that the global airline industry thinks fitting require12,550 aircraft worth $820bn over the next two decades.

The paltry single-aisle aircraft segment, which is usually configured with 100 to 150 seats, is awaited to account for 70% of revenue.

The segment is also predicted to see the deliveries of 6,800 planes valued at $580bn in the next 20 years.

«Our prognosticate focuses on how airlines are changing the way that assets are evaluated.»

The large regional aircraft fraction, which features 60 to 100 seats, is also estimated to certificate 5,750 deliveries worth $240bn during the same period.

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft president Fred Cromer replied: “The outlook for our markets is strong.

“We are the only manufacturer with a solution for any model of business model in the 60-150 seat segment, and we are well positioned to nab the value from the exciting opportunities outlined in this Market Anticipate.

“In addition to showing general market dynamics, our forecast focuses on how airlines are switching the way that assets are evaluated. Airlines are shifting their primary metric for network and naval task force optimisation strategies from ‘cost’ to ‘profit’. With this cogitative in the forefront, more airlines are investing in right-sized aircraft that maximise their profits.”

According to the new Bombardier slant, airlines will look at invest in smaller aircraft in the future after crushing the recent trend to take larger aircraft.

Among other auguries, the outlook has forecasted that large regional aircraft with 60-100 tushies will continue to dominate short-haul routes. The small single-aisle aircraft is conjectured to increase point-to-point flying on short to medium-haul sectors and will commission airlines to fly new and thin routes at a profit.

The forecast also noted that 86% of the remaining fleet in this segment will make an exit by 2036.

With a blend delivery of 5,700 aircraft, it is expected that North America and Europe desire continue to be the largest markets for new aircraft.

Image: Bombardier’s Q Series, CRJ Series and C Series aircraft. Photo: politeness of Bombardier.

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