Bombardier employees questioned in Swedish bribery investigation


Multiple Bombardier Transportation workers have been questioned by Swedish police, a spokesperson for the company verifies.

Swedish prosecutor Thomas Forsberg said one of the employees, a man detained on suggestion of aggravated bribery, is a Russian national who works for Bombardier in Sweden.

According to Forsberg, he and other Bombardier hands are “suspected to have been colluding” with Azerbaijan railway rights “in order to adapt a contract” to fit Bombardier.

Forsberg said Azerbaijani houses awarded contracts worth at least $56 million, and that Azerbaijani officials ascended with Bombardier to “receive rewards for having favoured the Bombardier go down with.”

Emails seized in an October 2016 search of Bombardier’s Swedish organizations are considered evidence in the case, said the prosecutor.

“At this time, it is early to make any statement as to the outcome of the investigation and proceedings,” said Bombardier Transportation spokesperson Claas Belling in an email.

“We determination continue to cooperate fully with the Swedish authorities and will accord additional information when available and appropriate. As always, we are committed to control in full compliance with all legal rules and requirements and our own high noble standards.”

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