Boeing and China Airlines to explore MRO improvement capabilities in Asia


Boeing has entered a minute of understanding (MoU) with China Airlines to enhance the airline’s maintenance, into working order and overhaul (MRO) capabilities in the Asian market.

As part of the new deal, Boeing aspirations to provide technical support and maintenance training to China Airlines to take a new lease on life its ability to service its products.

Boeing also plans to work with the airline to be eligible it as an approved parts supplier, allowing the latter to bid for work on its multiple outputs and services.

The MoU is also expected to help China Airlines to become a capable Boeing Global Fleet Care service provider in Asia.

“This relationship desire allow China Airlines to develop and deliver world-class maintenance benefit to global airline customers, while also adding value to Boeing’s network of universal supplier partners.”

In addition, Boeing seeks to assist China Airlines’ qualification as a possibility Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) conversion site. The aircraft manufacturer also means to explore training opportunities to develop the airline’s capability as an airframe modification supplier for its aircraft.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes on sales and marketing senior vice-president Ihssane Mounir said: “China Airlines has been a totally important partner to Boeing for more than five decades and this mutually serviceable collaboration will further enhance their capabilities in maintenance and mechanic.

“This relationship will allow China Airlines to develop and bring world-class maintenance service to global airline customers, while also adding value to Boeing’s network of extensive supplier partners.”

In a separate development, Boeing has partnered with FedEx Outright to perform the next phase of test flights under the ecoDemonstrator show.

Scheduled to begin next year, the test will feature a new Boeing 777 Freighter and exam emerging technologies such as propulsion advancements and flight deck inventions.

Image: Boeing corporate offices. Photo: courtesy of Boeing.

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