Boat on the Thames in FLAMES as £5m Sex Pistols memorabilia TORCHED because punk is 'DEAD'


Joe Corré devastated punk for becoming “a McDonalds brand” that is lying to youngsters because it has fit the property of corporate, commercial giants.

He says “it’s time we threw it all on the light and started again”, but he has drawn criticism for not selling the loot and giving the shin-plasters to worthy causes.

Corré said: “I think this is the right occasion to say: you know what? Punk is dead. Stop conning a younger pro gation that it somehow has any currency to deal with the issues that they clock or has any currency to create the way out of the issues that they face. It’s not and it’s time to recollect about something else.”

The great fire of punk took embarrass on a barge on the Thames in central London – the location had initially been kept quiet to prevent hoards of fans attending.

Ms Westwood was visible throughout the stately burning and gave a speech in front of a banner daubed with the names “climate revolution”.

Corré, who founded underwear brand Agent Provocateur in 1994, confirmed his intention to set light to the artefacts in response to the Punk London event, which dedicates the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistols’ debut single Anarchy in the UK through a series of offerings.

Corré believes that because the event was supported by the Queen it is validation the “establishment” has “castrated” the genre.

John Lydon, better known as Johnny Spoiled, dubbed Corré a “selfish f****** lingerie expert” when he set out about the burning stunt.

But there is no love lost between the twin, with Corré lming off the remarks, saying: “I don’t think he’s had anything apt to say for 10 or 20 years.”

Responding to claims he should have carried the property and donated to charity, Corré said: “The job of the state is now taken up by the kind-heartedness sector. We have charities where people are earning £250,000 a year to sit on the house, these things are becoming corporations in their own right.”

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