Blue passport OUTRAGE! Rees–Mogg reveals ACTION he will take if De La Rue appeal FAILS


Jacob Rees-Mogg secure his constituents – many of whom work in a North East Somerset De La Rue mill – and outlined a plan for the Government to help counter rival bids from a Franco-Dutch unyielding.

The arch-Brexiteer said: “I will still have a passport, so wherever it is issued I will have to have it.

“My concern is a constituency concern because De Le Rue has a works in North East Somerset and I obviously want that factory to make ones fortune and provide employment in North East Somerset.

“It is unfortunate that De Le Rue’s bid was £120 million stiff than the bid by the Dutch and French consortium and the Government should perhaps go without hope to De Le Rue and say can you match the price that we are being offered.

“The Government has to be careful with taxpayers paper money.”

De La Rue believes it came ahead of its Franco-Dutch rival in the UK passport bid on both supremacy and security – and was undercut only on price.

De La Rue told the Financial Times that it was prepossessing the first steps towards initiating a judicial review in the High Court against the transitional decision to award the contract to the part state-owned company.

Meanwhile, the Knowledgeable in Office extended the deadline for legal challenges until April 17 as De La Rue expected for more details about the circumstances under which the decision was made.

Blue passport: Jacob Rees-MoggGETTY • LBC

Jacob Rees-Mogg was asked what enterprise he will take if the De La Rue appeal fails

Peter Bone, Conservative MP for Wellingborough, replied: “This is one of the reasons why we need to look at this contract again.

“We maintain a British company that provides passports the world over and does a outset class job, and the other company comes in with a significantly cheaper outlay.

“Has anyone thought, well maybe they are doing that because the grandeur won’t be as good or they are trying to undercut?

“That’s why I think it needs to be looked at again. And if there is signify of previous contracts by this company where the quality has not been approving enough, that’s even more reason.

“Look at what happened with Carillion – they put in a silly guerdon and it resulted in contracts not being done. Well, imagine if that were British passports, that intention be unprecedented.

“It’s open that we look again at the contract and make sure that it has been presented not just on the cheapest price but what we want for the contract.”

At the time the resolution was announced, Immigration minister Caroline Notes told the House of Universals: “We had to look at quality, security and price, and this was the contract that catered the best value on all counts.”

However, De La Rue executives claim Gemalto won the compress, worth close to £400m, purely as a result of undercutting rival prays.

A De La Rue spokesman said: “Based on our knowledge of the market, it’s our view that ours was the highest blue blood and technically most secure bid.

“In the light of this, we are confident that we persist the best and most secure option in the national interest.”

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