Blood pressure DANGER: One in two at risk of potentially fatal stroke


A memorize which looked at a random group of people found suffered from 50 per cent from squeaky blood pressure – one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes.

Researchers are work for mobile clinics to be set up in public areas to identify the problem in apparently ‘flourishing’ individuals.

High blood pressure, which has also been linked to dementia, can be indisputably treated with drugs or lifestyle changes, once diagnosed.

Positive medically as hypertension, it has been dubbed the ‘silent killer’ because there are no representative ofs.

The condition puts extra strain on people’s hearts and blood containers which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Researchers looked at the blood compressing of 1,097 participants.

They found that one in two people had high blood compressing, with one in fifty people at serious risk of health conditions.

The maturity of people who knew they had high blood pressure were not get medical treatment.

“What is particularly significant about this over is a surprisingly large number of participants exhibited some type of hypertensive stress or emergency,” said Dr Grant Pierce, of St Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Canada.

“Various of the participants were either unaware of their condition or simply not adherent to their medications.

“Posted on these findings, we determined that a mobile hypertension clinic demands a valuable platform for identifying hypertension in the general public, as well as sharpness into the management of this condition,” he added.

Hypertension is said to lay hold of around a quarter of British adults with many unaware of the imperils – but now experts believe this figure could be higher.

The condition can simply be treated with drugs or lifestyle changes, drastically reducing the chance of heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

However there are few symptoms of extreme blood pressure and many don’t know they are suffering from the working order until they get ill or are tested.

Julie Ward, blood pressure assignment manager at the British Heart Foundation, said: “As many as seven million individual in the UK are living with undiagnosed high blood pressure.

“These people are at greater risk of a sudden heart attack or stroke but are unlikely to be taking any functioning to reduce that deadly risk. The only way to find out your danger is to get it measured.

“If your blood pressure is found to be high, a healthcare pro can then advise you on whether you need to make any lifestyle changes or be experiencing treatment,” she added.

The study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

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