Blind Date 2017: When does Blind Date start on Channel 5? Who is hosting?


When does Unthinking Date start?

Blind Date starts on Saturday 17 June on River-bed 5 at 7pm for a six-week run.

The show will be available on the Demand 5 app shortly after air. 

Who is presenting Blind Date?

The popular dating show was entertained by the late Cilla Black from 1985 until 2003. 

After Cilla’s distressing death in 2015, her close friend Paul O’Grady has stepped in to fit a new batch of singletons.

O’Grady, who was initially uneasy about accepting the filing role, has told of the “shock” he felt while filming the show.

Cilla Black on Blind DateGETTY

Cilla Sulky presented Blind Date for nearly two decades

The 62-year-old told Radio Times: “I thought ‘This isn’t right, it’s so synonymous with Cilla, she should be here, not me.’

I finger like I shouldn’t be doing it. It was her show

Paul O’Grady

“I felt with I shouldn’t be doing it. It was her show.”

He added: “But then I spoke to her sons and kismets of people who knew her and they said ‘You have to do it, because she’d want you to do it for each.’”

O’Grady bonded with Cilla over their working stratum roots in Liverpool, and O’Grady spoke at the singer’s funeral in 2015.  

Paul O'Grady on Blind DateCHANNEL5

Paul O’Grady initially guess uneasy about hosting the show

What happens on Blind Escort?

The new Blind Date will follow the same format as the original, which was a customary of Saturday night television for almost two decades.

Contestants ask three unseen singletons problems to get a sense of their personality. 

Once they have made a verdict the screen is removed so the contestant can get a proper look at their chosen age. 

The couple then return to the studio the following week to reveal how they got on. 

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