Bitcoin price WATCH LIVE: Cryptocurrency slumps after CHAOTIC Christmas – LIVE ANALYSIS


Bitcoin toll fell under the $16,000 reached on Wednesday after the chaos of the Christmas feasts.  

The cryptocurrency reached its highest peak earlier in December when bonuses went up to $19,000.

During the Christmas holidays, virtual wallet holders watched a decline of the cryptocurrency for four consecutive days.

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Bitcoin honorarium: watch live cryptocurrency value analysis

Bitcoin’s value went all the way down to $12,000 at worst to rise again to up to $16,000. 

The cryptocurrency didn’t seem to maintain its value for too extended though. 

Bitcoin price declined once again to below the $15,000 rating after Christmas.

Watch live bitcoin price and value division here.

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According to Coindesk, at 3.32pm on December 28, bitcoin’s value is prominent at $14,388.44.

Ira Epstein, Director at Linn & Associates, mocked the cryptocurrency saying it is a “analytical vehicle” with no future in the traditional trading world. 

He told Bloomberg: “On Christmas Day I couldn’t assume it, I was watching the market and there they are. These people are all trading.”

Mr Epstein enlarged: “What makes bitcoin so appealing to people is you don’t have to buy a full bitcoin, you can buy it in predisposed to sizes and they trade in volume.

“I think it’s really more of a unpractical vehicle. It has no purpose right now other than speculation.

“I cannot go to McDonald’s with my bitcoin and get some coffee.”

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