Bitcoin price news 2018: Why is BTC rising today? Will it fall again?


The value of cryptocurrency bitcoin submerged last month, and again last week, amid fears patron could become illegal in a number of countries.

South Korea and India cause both issued warnings to the market, threatening to pull the plug in a sardonic blow to prices.

Already a volatile cryptocurrency, bitcoin hit a record favourable when it passed $20,000 in December to the delight of investors.

But BTC’s value has since shifted unpredictably, with lifeless drops and subsequent recoveries seeming to become a never-ending cycle of highs and lows.

Most recent week, the value plunged again from nearing £10,000 to $6,000 in decent four days.

But after a little recover, the currency now appears unchangeable at between $8,000 and $9,000.


Bitcoin price news: BTC is back in the green today

Bitcoin price news cryptocurrencyREUTERS

Bitcoin guerdon: The value of cryptocurrency bitcoin plunged last month

Why is bitcoin’s cost rising and will BTC fall again?

Recent events in the cryptocurrency out of sight have demonstrated just how quickly prices can change – rising to feather-braining heights before crashing to catastrophic lows.

The cryptocurrency’s value plummeted on of Christmas, at one point dropping by almost $2,000 in just an hour in a alarming 60-minutes for investors as BTC went into the red.

BTC soon bounced back but get the signal again in mid-January – then recovering again and plummeting at the start of February.

Bitcoin disgraceful volatility means BTC is expected to continue to shift unpredictably amid fears bitcoin has created a seethe that could burst at any moment.

The so-called real Wolf of Bulkhead Street, Jordan Belfort, warned the bitcoin bubble will rupture and hurt ‘honest people’ who invested in the cryptocurrency.

He said: “The ones who are cope there because they’ve been sold the bill of goods, they swear by, and these are not stupid people, many of them are smart people, they’re not naive even-tempered.

“It’s just human nature to jump on the bandwagon, it’s what every big bubble is made of and they’ll call this the greatest bubble of all pro tem.

“The ones at the end of the day that typically get slaughtered the most are the average mums and dads.”

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