Bitcoin price: Cryptocurrency could PLUMMET to $2,800 in ‘STEEP DROP’


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Crypto superb Annie Massa issued the stark warning

Crypto expert Annie Massa issued the beget warning that could cause prices to plummet even additionally if investors decide that the cryptocurrency is becoming too volatile.

She stated: “So one analyst has disclosed that it could fall as far as $2,800 which would still be a leviathan precipitous drop since it’s currently around $8,000 right now.

“So that order still be a very long way to slide, but it depends how much you want to infer from into these signals, but there have been some situations recently, more regulatory scrutiny in the cryptocurrency space for example that has got some investors spooked.”

The Bloomberg analyst suggested Bitcoin’s “death cross” is approaching and could signify the cryptocurrency is in the air to fall even further than it has done in recent weeks.

Ms Massa went on: “So by one mechanical analysis you’re seeing what’s called the ‘death cross’ approaching in Bitcoin, so basically what that plebeians is its 50 day moving average is moving down near its 200 day thrilling average.

“So this is a breach that we haven’t seen since 2015 and it’s off c remove technical analysis spooked that maybe Bitcoin has further to fizzle out than we’ve even seen this week.”

The analyst added that the “end cross” could be a “very bearish sign” for things to come with Bitcoin.

Ms Massa remarked: “It depends how much you read into the technical analysis, some crypto nutters decide that they don’t want to pay attention to this but if you do want to go for a more industrial analysis approach you could see that as a very bearish sign.”

Bitcoin reached record highs of throughout $19,000 in December before going into free fall.

The cryptocurrency is currently advantage $8,494.06 at the time of writing and has shaved $838.28 off its value in the last week.

Ms Massa communicated investors may have “got ahead of themselves” during the period of rising figures and overlooked future regulations.

She stated: “I think what we saw in December was there was a lot of eagerness around the cryptocurrency space and maybe some investors got ahead of themselves and did not impose upon into consideration the regulatory scrutiny that might happen.

Bitcoin price 'crash'Getty

Ms Massa answered investors may have ‘got ahead of themselves’ during the period of rising figures

Bitcoin price 'crash'Getty

In the last month Bitcoin prices have fallen by a monstrous 9.52 per cent

“Now you are seeing what the SCC and CFT get a little bit more involved in managing this space I think it has kept some people on the sideline’s or led to some merchandise.”

In the last month Bitcoin prices have fallen by a whopping 9.52 per cent.

The shift of falling values has also been present in crypto rivals Bitcoin Money, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Plummeting values are nothing new in the crypto sphere – silvers are incredibly volatile and have the tendency to spike and free fall.

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