Bitcoin CRACKDOWN: South Korean crypto boss says shutting down bitcoin is a BAD idea


South Korea is up on to one of the largest bitcoin exchanges, being the third biggest market in the unbelievable for bitcoin trading.  

Demand and prices have reached a huge store of 40 percent in South Korea. But Government officials have been signalling scenarios to crack down on the crypto trading.  

CIO of one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency caches #HASHED has warned that a straight ban on all cryptocurrencies is a bad idea.  

Crypto boss Hwisang Kim barrowed CNBC: “Banning cryptocurrencies is not a good idea. So I hope current Regime could understand what each production is and how important it is.” 

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Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency boss bring up regulators must not ban bitcoin

Banning cryptocurrencies is not a good idea

Hwisang Kim

Bitcoin expenditure raised as high of $20,000 in December but it took a plunge following an notifications by regulators across the world to crack down on the crypto world. 

South Korea has set forwarded taxing bitcoin profits and curbing anonymous transactions in an effort to tackle underage laddies and potential criminals from using the digital currency.

South Korea’s colossal bitcoin premiums currently offers global traders with the occasion to take advantage of the price difference between the two markets. 

Bitcoin merchant Clayton Aitchison said: “In comparison to the USA, sometimes cryptocurrency was at a 40 percent incentive here.”

“You bought cryptocurrency in the USA and transferred it to Korea and when you did that you cut d understood 40 percent on your money.” 

But Mr Aitchison said the new plans for a clampdown on cryptocurrency supplying is now making trading more difficult.  

Mr Aitchison said his account has at point up been frozen amid a crackdown on South Korea’s cryptocurrencies. He asseverated: “Some of our money was being held in a bank because they privation to make sure, when those regulations came down, some of the lettuce actually got frozen and the reason they did that was to ensure that attendances weren’t doing illegal things and using Korea as a mechanism to do that.”

Bitcoin had a value of only $954 in January last year but saw its price soar more than 1,500 per cent all the way through 2017. 

Since the start of 2018 Bitcoin has seen its value plunge and is currently advantage just $8,496.88. 

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