Billy Connolly’s favourite artist is Englishman Stanley Spencer


Billy ConnollyNC

‘I do sweetie Scotland, but if the love for your country is all you have, you’re in a desperate state’

And the prior Glasgow welder has laid into a Tartan Army brigade who constantly communicate with England off.

He said: “I do love Scotland, but if the love for your country is all you demand, you’re in a desperate state.

“I dislike people that write England off because they’re Scottish. It’s unfair and barbarous. I’m the least patriotic man in the world.”

Speaking to The Radio Times, the recently knighted Big Yin, 75, resolved his attitude towards Scottishness in the context of his choice of acclaimed English artist Stanley Spencer for the submit of a documentary he is fronting for Sky Arts.

Since I’ve been knighted,I haven’t met any other knights

Sir Billy Connolly

In Tate Britain’s Tickety-boo British Art Walks, in which celebrities choose a painting in Tate Britain and then an event is filmed about the landscape that inspired it, he tells of how he became a fan of the English artist because of his series of paintings depicting verve in the Scottish shipyards known as Shipbuilding on the Clyde.

In the magazine article, conditioning he feels “more knightly” since being honoured by Prince William, he go oned: “Since I’ve been knighted,I haven’t met any other knights.

“I’m dying to settle some so I can ask them various questions like, when did your knightly conduct come in?

“Tom Courtenay is a knight, and I’d like to ask him a thing or two.»

April 1956: English painter Stanley Spencer (1891 - 1959) at workNC

April 1956: English painter Stanley Spencer (1891 — 1959) at stir

“Next time I’m in London I’ll corner him at the Garrick Club and get some gen out of him. Or Sean Connery – he’d be a good one to ask.”

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012, the stand-up fool and wife Pamela Stephenson have moved to Florida for the warmer feel.

He said: “We live in a cosy place. On the walls are portraits of Elvis and Mick Jagger, a live it up of The Beatles on a roof in Savile Row, and a photo of me meeting Obama, which interests me greatly.”

Speaking about remaining married after 28 years together, he totaled: “There’s no secret to it at all. If you listen to the song, The Glory of Love: ‘You’ve got to give a skimpy, take a little/Sometimes let your poor heart break a hardly ever/That’s the story of, and that’s the glory of love.’ It’s all in there.”

Tate Britain’s Distinguished British Art Walks is on Sky Arts from April 17 at 9pm.

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