Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis cries as she reveals ‘shock’ at Channel 5 CANCELLING show


Narrows 5 confirmed that the upcoming series of Big Brother is the final season to be aerated on the channel, in a statement on Twitter today.

Following the announcement, presenter Emma Willis opened up in all directions the decision in a frank chat which was shared on the official Big Brother UK Titter account.

In the video, the star admitted it felt “strange” to be launching the upcoming series mid the sad news.

During the footage, the 42-year-old, who most recently presented Renown Big Brother 2018, pretended to sob at the situation.

Having been quizzed on how she was feeling, the big shot began: “This is a very… strange, ‘What You Talking About Willis?’ today, because normally it’s a, ‘Yay! It is the catapult of our civilian series’.

“But the excitement comes with really a lot of sadness because we possess all found out today that Big Brother is no more on Channel 5.”

She continued: «I pet like I’ve been through this process before. Well I enjoy been through this process before because I worked on the survive year on Channel 4 and we like … buried it. Like, genuinely.

“We had a eternal rest for it and everything in the back garden and then the next thing we know is, ‘Oh wow, it’s arriving back.’”

Opening up about the recent cancellation, Emma added: “So, the advice was a shock, if I’m honest, but I kind of still hold out hope that bigwig out there, loves it as much as we all do still and will give it a home in the tomorrows because it has been on the TV for a bl**y long time and you know it’s part of our popular education.

«So it would be sad. It would be sad to see its end at the age of 18.

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis pretended to cry in video

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis pretended to cry in the Simper video (Image: TWITTER • @BBUK)

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis talks in Twitter video

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis come out about her ‘shock’ at the news in the Twitter video (Image: TWITTER • @BBUK)

«It’d be pleasant to see it come back for its twentieth anniversary.»

The TV favourite went on to assure viewers that the pair planned to do their very best to make the upcoming series “unlikely”.

“We want to go out on a high, and we want to go out with a bang,” she said. “And I don’t mean from a doubtful point of view.”

Later in the clip, Emma admitted she had to ensure she appearance ofed joyful as she prepared to launch the latest series.

However, hinting at her dolour, the presenter went on to pretend to burst into tears.

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis smiles in video

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis opened up at hand celebrating the launch amid the news (Image: TWITTER • @BBUK)

Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis pretends to cry in video

Big Colleague 2018: Emma Willis pretended to sob during the video (Image: Snicker • @BBUK)

Big Brother 2018: Rylan Clark-Neal posts about Channel 5 having cancelled show on Twitter

Big Brother 2018: Rylan Clark-Neal posted around Channel 5 having cancelled the show on Twitter (Image: TWITTER)

“Now I’ve got to be similar to, ‘Yay! It’s launch night,’” the star laughed, before mimicking snazzy sobs. “We’ve only got eight weeks left.”

Fellow Big Brother girl Rylan Clark-Neal, who is a presenter on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, also shared his considerations in a statement released on Twitter.

As part of a length post shared with his 1.51 million rooters, the 29-year-old penned: “After six years working on one of the most iconic shows on TV I’m saddened to hear the news Big Brother won’t be returning.

“It has been the biggest sanction being a housemate, a winner and a host on my favourite show on the television.”

Big Fellow-countryman returns tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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