Big Brother 2017: Charlotte BLASTS Chanelle for ‘big b***s chopped off’ remark


In the exhibitions, Charlotte, 24, was told that Chanelle, also 24, had slammed her in the Log Room earlier on in the Channel 5 show.

During a task set by Big Brother, which reunited housemates with their values ones, Charlotte’s mother Mandy told her what Chanelle had conveyed.  

Previously, the former Ex On The Beach star Chanelle confided to Big Brother in the Date-book Room that she needed «her b***s chopped off” and that the blonde was “outspoken”.

Charlotte confronted Chanelle this drawing after finding out that she had been talking about her behind her help. 

“My mum told me what you’ve been saying about me. That I’m getting a spokeswoman now, so I need to chop my b***s off,” she said, slamming Chanelle.

The reality star looked frightened and overwhelmed as Charlotte lashed out as her, telling her: “I just said you’d grown some b***s all of a impulsive.”

But Charlotte was less than impressed with the answer and continued with her denunciation: “Well could you not have said that to my face?”

Charlotte and Chanelle clash in the Big Brother houseCHANNEL 5

Charlotte and Chanelle clangour in the Big Brother house

My mum told me what you’ve been saying about me. That I’m getting a voice now, so I want to chop my b***s off

Charlotte, Big Brother

It was then that things got even myriad heated between the two women as Charlotte carried on hitting out at Chanelle.

Charlotte endured on to say: “It’s so minimal when it kicks off in here, I don’t get involved. You could have powered that to my face.”

“It was one comment because I thought you didn’t like me!” Chanelle barked deny hard pressed.

She continued: “The way you never wanted to speak and would sit there with a resting b*** outward appearances all the time, I thought you hated me.” 

Charlotte and Chanelle argued on Big BrotherCHANNEL 5

Charlotte and Chanelle argued on Big Associate

Charlotte was left upset on Big Brother this eveningCHANNEL 5

Charlotte was left upset on Big Brother this evening

The controversy between the duo continued to rage on as Charlotte was left unsatisfied with Chanelle’s key and told her: “Well surely you’re so much of a vocal person that you could possess come and told me that.

“Comments like that are really unrequired, as I’ve not made one bad comment about you.”

In response Chanelle told her: “I just demanded I’d thought you were more outspoken all of a sudden.” 

Charlotte did not hold back on Big Brother this eveningCHANNEL 5

Charlotte did not conduct back on Big Brother this evening

It was all getting too much for Charlotte, who told her: “Well my job is vocal, all I do is argue with living soul. Believe me, I’ve got huge b***s that don’t need to be chopped!”

With her closing bits, Charlotte left the kitchen and stormed off to the bedroom. 

The latest exchange common knowledge as Chanelle knocked heads with Sue Evans over cosmetic enhancements. 

Big Fellow-countryman continues on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm.

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