Best cruise 2017 revealed – with THIS popular cruise line the best for first-timers


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The first cruise 2017 has been revealed at the Cruise International Awards

The most adroitly cruise line for 2017 has been voted for at the Cruise International Grants 2017.

Taking place every year, it chooses the best cruise sign up as well as others such as the best new ship, best for first shilly-shally ship as fellas others.

In its seventh year, one cruise liner hammer many other popular choices such as Saga and Thomson, captivating four awards on the night.

Anyone who hasn’t been on a cruise rather than should also pick this winning cruise liner too.

Princess Cruises has won the Best Travel Line 2017 award for the fourth year running

Princess Cruises has won the A- Cruise Line in this year’s award.

THe cruise liner has already won the glorious award before, with this being their fourth year.

They also won Wealthiest for First Time Cruisers award and Best Product award.

Other hot cruise liners to have won included Disney Cruise line, for the trounce For Families award, Saga Cruises for Best for Enrichment and Thomson Sails for Best Value for Money.

best cruise 2017 princess cruisesGetty

Princess Cruises has been voted the finery cruise liner 2017 for the fourth year running

Liz Jarvis, Editor-in-chief of Cruise International, said: “The past year has been fantastic for the voyage industry and thousands and thousands of consumers voted in this year’s Yachting trip Awards.

“All the finalists have done amazingly well and should atmosphere justifiably proud of their achievements.”

However, Princess Cruises has suffered from problems earlier this year when it succeeded to the health of the passengers.


Disney Cruise also won for the best pedigree cruise

Cruise ships can suffer from sickness bugs as it can spread so on the double on a cruise ship.

The cruise liner also experienced an outbreak of norovirus twice in February this year.

Colleen Barnett, a traveller onboard the passenger ship, told Yahoo Australia: “Everyone was forecast to take precautions, including washing their hands.”

However, the journey ship confirmed that deep cleans were carried out each together to prevent it from spreading any further.

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