Bercow ‘blocked MP from revealing investigation into Keith Vaz after accepting donations’


The bestowals included one payout from Narinder Chadha – the Chairman of the management game table of Mr Vaz’s Silver Star Charity.

Mr Chadha has since admitted he made the grant after a recommendation from Mr Vaz. 

Mr Vaz was forced to resign as chairman of the Home Operation love affairs Select Committee after it was revealed he was involved in a sex party with two masculine prostitutes.

According to a Freedom of Information request by The Times, the Speaker piled £41,000 from donors with links to Mr Vaz.

The Times investigation titles Mr Bercow did not ask Mr Vaz to step down from his prestigious place on the Home Romances Committee after MP Andrew Bridgen privately alerted him to allegations being made police.

The distribute claimed the Speaker later called on Mr Bridgen to sit down as he attempted to talk with reference to the allegations – which related to alleged abuse of Mr Vaz’s position in office and had no truck to his sex scandal last year.

Mr Vaz currently sits on the Justice Committee, who administer the director of public prosecutions.

After the Labour MP was appointment to the committee, Mr Bridgen dream up a speech to the Commons claiming police were investigating allegations Mr Vaz potency have “abused his position in public office”.

But Mr Bercow, who was not obliged to act on the depositions, interrupted the concerned MP twice – claiming he was attempting to speak about effect come what mays that were not publicly known.

Mr Bercow told The Times all of the backers were personal acquaintances who he had met on a variety of different occasions.

Mr Vaz said fellows of the Asian community financially supported MPs, including Mr Bercow, due to admiration for their commitment to diverseness.

A spokesperson for Mr Bercow’s offices said: “The Speaker’s seven years’ sustain in office and his professional adviser’s 40 years’ experience carry instead greater weight than the implication that the Speaker’s Office should perform in the manner of an episode of Diagnosis Murder — keeping order in the chamber by day and studying alleged crimes by night.

“Although this is a pitch I may well win at some stage if I decide to go into the writing of daytime drama, the fact is that this is not how the role of the Speaker works.

“To be clear: the Speaker contrivances standing orders and chairs proceedings in the chamber – freestyling as Columbo at the ask for of a member on the basis of an unsubstantiated allegation is not part of the Speaker’s job description.”

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