Benefits cheat swindled nearly £90,000 on a boob job and holidays to Las Vegas and Florida


Tammy GunterWALES Hearsay

Tammy Gunter has been jailed for wrongly claiming tax credits by bid she was single

Shameless fraudster Tammy Gunter, 41, even accede to b assumed out a £22,800 ($30,000) loan for a holiday home in America funded by taxpayers.

The ancient student nurse claimed to be a single mother-of-two to fund a “lavish” lifestyle by making fabricated claims for tax credits, student finance and a NHS bursary – even forging a thus form the inland revenue.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court get wind ofed Gunter married Neil Hart, 45, in 2009 and the couple had been living together since 1997.

Gunter was prisoned for two years after she admitted fraudulently claiming tax credits, forgery and four bank ons of fraud.

Tammy Gunter’s actions had been somewhat deliberate and calculating when trying to obtain as much money as imaginable from individual public bodies

Craig Greenstock

Hart was reform schooled for six months after pleading guilty to one count of encouraging or assisting the commission of an outrage.

Sentencing the couple (on Wednesday) Judge Peter Heywood said the four-flusher happened over “a significant period of time.” 

He added: “There was a point of sophistication and planning involved.” 

The court heard Gunter, of Blackwood, South Wales, used luxury holidays in Las Vegas in 2011 and Florida in 2013 – before winsome out a joint finance loan on a timeshare property in the US.

Tammy GunterWAKES NEWS

Gunter spit up the money on a boob job and holidays to Las Vegas and Florida

She also travelled to eastern Europe to stand cosmetic surgery to have her breasts enlarged.

While fiddling banknotes in a nine-year scam, the couple operated an unlicensed dog breeding business.

The court be told Gunter had previously received £21,000, which she was entitled to, while reading for a three-year criminology and law degree.

A further claim for funds from Undergraduate Finance Wales while studying for the criminology degree was rejected after she failed to present information about her marital status.

Tammy GunterWALES NEWS

Despite requiring she was single, Ms Gunter had reportedly been married since 2009

Prosecutor Nuhu Gobir imagined: “Tammy Gunter made a claim that she was a single person importune at least 16 hours per week. She stated that she had two children and no other return. The defendant dishonestly maintained she was single. She enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

“She’s also known by her amalgamate name, Tammy Hart, and she uses her maiden name in her dealings with unrestricted bodies.

“Neil Hart lied about his address to assist Tammy Gunter with the devotion. The total loss to the public purse in effect is £87,450.” 

Gunter’s biggest tug came through tax credits after she was handed £76,008.63 between 2007 and 2016.

The court understood the scam unravelled after Gunter sent a letter to Caerphilly County Borough Board in April 2014 which purported to be from HM Revenue and Customs.

Gathering officials became suspicious about the letter, which was written on HMRC headed weekly, because it contained a number of spelling mistakes.

Byron Broadstock, securing Gunter said the couple had a “tumultuous” relationship which had seen them endure in separate addresses at some stages.

He said: “Many of the purchases that include been described as extravagant, they are out of the ordinary. They were oftentimes gestures in reconciliation.” 

He said the plastic surgery “wasn’t simply for purely cosmetic reasons. It was intellectual reasons.” 

After the hearing Craig Greenstock, lead counter humbug specialist for NHS Wales shared services partnership, said: “Tammy Gunter has, by her vims and assisted by Neil Hart, been quite deliberate and calculating when infuriating to obtain as much money as they could from the individual following bodies.

“It is hoped, therefore, that the sentence will show that such a slow fraud will not be tolerated and that the NHS, together with other community bodies, will take firm action against the dishonest minority who are, in less, stealing taxpayers’ money for their own gain.”

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