Benefits cheat mother of four stole £27,000 while having £40,000 in savings



Abida Khan was overpaid verging on £30,000 before being caught in an investigation by the DWP

Mother-of-four Abida Khan had damn near £40,000 savings yet claimed income support housing benefit and consistory tax relief after falsely declaring she had only £650 in the bank. 

She was overpaid virtually £30,000 before being caught in an investigation by the Department of Work and Allotments. 

The fraudulent claims began after Khan, 52, split up with her whisper suppress, Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard. 

Giving evidence, Khan recounted how she moved to the UK in 1991 after an arranged marriage but separated in 2011. 

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Mrs Khan told Teeside Magistrates Court she reasoning the money belonged to her children

I didn’t know the accounts were in my prestige, they belonged to my children. I only had one bank account which be a part ofed to myself

Abida Khan

She is the sole carer of their children, superannuated 20, 18, 13 and 12 – two of whom have a sight disability. 

Khan, of Darlington Approach, Stockton, wept as she was found guilty after trial of making spurious claims relating to income support, housing benefit and council tax dating again to July 2011. 

Anne Mitchell, prosecuting, said: “The claim for income keep was stopped when the defendant failed to provide information regarding a assign property. 

“She was also in receipt of housing benefit and council tax for herself and her four babies on the basis she did not have capital over the applicable threshold.”

However basis showed Khan had £37,438 saved in accounts which she had failed to confirm. She was overpaid a total of £27,142.11. 

“That is a lot of money, isn’t it?” Miss Mitchell asked the defendant who requested the money she was receiving belonged to her children. 

“Yes, because I was saving it for a long on many occasions for my children,” Khan told the court. 

“I didn’t know the accounts were in my appoint, they belonged to my children. I only had one bank account which belonged to myself.”

When provoke b requested whether she failed to declare the other 12 bank accounts because it would feign her qualification for benefits she replied, “No, I can say on oath I did not know anything about this. 

“It startled me 20 years to add up this money, which I thought belonged to my juveniles and that one day they would be able to use it.”

Neil Douglas, defending, mentioned: “What is being denied is that Mrs Khan acted dishonestly. 

“You have on the agenda c trick a lady without formal education, who spent the first 20 years of her obsession in Pakistan, before coming to the UK in circumstances which are troubling. 

“She found herself living an special existence in a foreign country, without any mastery of the language let alone cultural exits. 

“It is apparent that Mrs Khan had no knowledge of the western banking system.”

Khan, who has no preceding convictions, will be sentenced at the same court on February 21. 

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