Belinda's Line in the Baywatch Movie Trailer Is Nothing Short of Epic


Ah, it wouldn’t be a Baywatch silent picture without a damsel in distress, right? While we admittedly don’t know much connected with Mexican pop star Belinda’s character, Carmen, in the highly antici ted Baywatch reboot, she’s supply off true SOS vibes in the just-released trailer — with one dramatically perfect border.

«If you want me, you can have me,» Belinda tells Dwayne Johnson’s character, Mitch, as he maintains her tight in the middle of what appears to be a gripping rescue. The Rock’s reaction? «Some other time.» Then, he proceeds to throw her overboard. And by the skin of ones teeth like that, we officially can’t wait to watch the film when it petitions theaters May 26! Keep scrolling to see the dramatic scene play out in GIF formula before you watch the full-length trailer, which, as expected, features lots of abrade.

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