Belgium military base EXPLOSION: F-16 aircraft catches fire and explodes


Belgium military base explosion

An F-16 aircraft has exploded and caught oust at the Floreness airbase in Belgium (Image: @NewsExclusive)

The aircraft was completely ravaged while a second F-16 was heavily damaged from the explosion. 

Two people were shoot and treated at the scene.

Injuries sustained were mainly related to learning damage from the huge explosive noise. 

The F-16 military aircraft boxed fire near a hangar during routine ground maintenance. 

Some bangs have claimed the jet ignited during a technical manoeuvre. 

Several fulminations followed with plumes of thick black smoke filling the sky for miles about. 

Firefighters are being helped by civilian firefighters to tackle the blaze at the airbase.

Almost 30 men are involved in the operation, while several ambulances also arrived at the furore.

Belgium military base explosion

The Floreness military airbase is home to F-16 Fighter Falcons (Image: GETTY)

The military airfield is two miles southeast of Florennes, a Walloon town of southern Belgium. 

It is home to the 2nd Tactical Wing, operating F-16 Fighter Falcons. 

Until July 2009, the airbase was also to the heart to the Tactical Leadership Programme, a joint training programme established by 10 NATO colleagues. 

This is a breaking story. More to follow.

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