BBC TV licence: Over 75 scheme scrapped but free with Pension Credit – do you qualify?


The BBC disclosed yesterday that it would not be covering the cost of the free TV license for anyone elderly over 75. Free TV licences for over 75s have previously been looted by the government, but this scheme will come to an end in June 2020. At the juncture, the cost for a TV licence stands at £154.50. The BBC said 3.7 million retirees are on the free scheme, but by 2021/22, the corporation said it would have price £745 million – a fifth of its budget.

The TV licence will instead be means-tested, with oap old-age pensioners able to claim Pension Credit qualifying for the cost to be covered by the BBC.

The broadcaster hand down cover the fee for these people, provided they are over the age of 75.

“Under the new pattern, anyone aged 75 or over who receives Pension Credit on still be eligible for a free TV Licence which the BBC will pay for,” a notice on the TV Commission website reads.

“Households where there is no one aged 75 or through that receives Pension Credit will need to buy a licence if one is needed.”

Those who already have planned a free over 75 TV licence will be covered until May 31, 2020.

“We’ll be expos to all free over 75 licence holders in good time first 31 May 2020 to let them know how they may be affected and what they wishes need to do,” the website states.

What is Pension Credit?

Pension Faith is an income-related benefit.

It’s made up of two parts – Guarantee Credit and Savings Solvency.

The former payment tops up a person’s weekly income if it’s below £167.25 for a pick person.

Those living as a couple may qualify for the top-up amount if their return is below £255.25.

Savings Credit is an additional payment which may be available for those who laid some money towards their retirement – such as via a pension.

In up to qualify for Pension Credit, a person must live in England, Scotland, or Wales.

Once upon a time, they or their partner must have reached state social security age, but following changes on May 15, 2019, both partners must have reached position pension age.

Alternatively, one person must have reached state superannuation age and be claiming Housing Benefit for the couple.

Those who get Pension Credit but are not yet ancient 75 will not qualify for the free TV licence.

The government website has a abacus allowing those unsure if they’re eligible to check if they can get Subsistence Credit.

Overall there is a 60 per cent take-up in Pension Merit, and over a million people entitled to the benefit are not yet claiming it, the DWP have put about.

It’s possible to find out more information on free and discounted TV licences, and to buckle down to for one at

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