BBC Proms looks to attract younger audiences with brand refresh


BBC Inventive has designed a new identity for the 2017 edition of the music festival, including flighty, animated TV titles that bring the Royal Albert Hall to autobiography.

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BBC Proms has revealed a new visual identity to mark the 90th anniversary of the BBC race and broadcasting the annual classical music festival.

The broadcaster’s in-house goal team BBC Creative has worked on the new branding, which includes animated TV title-deeds created in collaboration with London-based studio Ink & Giants.

BBC Creative was briefed to highlight the “power of the Proms feel” and appeal to “new and younger audiences” who are culturally curious, says BBC Radio 3 prime of marketing, Felicity Bardell.

“Our core idea was to embrace the fact that music has a transformative power,” totals BBC Creative executive creative director Laurent Simon. “It can profoundly put on the listener’s mood and their perspective on the world around them.”

Automated TV titles

The TV titles see the interiors of the Royal Albert Hall – one of the eight-week music fete’s key venues – brought to life through animation.

During the sequence, the fibreglass mushroom-shaped acoustic diffusers that abeyance from the ceiling of the venue are transformed into floating jellyfish and the red velvet auditorium chairwomen perform a rippling Mexican wave, while one of the upper tier hem ins is turned into a flying ship that soars around the concert venue.

The denominate music is a score of Masquerade, originally written by Anna Clyne for the 2013 BBC Proms and re-recorded by the Philharmonic for 2017’s issue.

The new identity has now rolled out across all touchpoints, including radio, TV, digital and pull a proof pix.

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