BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker has 'truly pathetic' live TV rocket FAIL


The 39-year-old broadcaster and his co-presenter Louise Minchin couldn’t be over laughing after they attempted to set off a homemade rocket on this morning’s printing of BBC Breakfast.

His rocket was seen spluttering and falling over on its stand in preference to of flying into the air during the demonstration for the Terrific Scientific campaign.

Dan was sanctioned calling his vinegar-fuelled rocket «truly pathetic» after it collapsed and sputtered across the dirt.

His poor show came in stark contrast to 48-year-old Louise’s own take off flight which was a big success after she launched it.

Louise’s rocket tackled shooting skywards and both she and Dan watched as it soared up before coming to a homeland on the ground.

Dan later took to social media to talk about his spiral upwards fail after a viewer told him on Twitter that the hilarious landscapes had left them in «stitches».

«The Rocket of Justice was a magnificent disappointment #TooMuchVinegar #TerrificScientific,» Dan expressed his 453,000 Twitter followers.

He followed up with another post in which he jested: «Which story does this best represent? Leicester’s dub defence? 🙂 #RubbishRocket.»

BBC Breakfast shared GIFs of the two presenters’ rockets, which showed the cold difference in their results. 

The Terrific Scientific campaign aims to try to foster children to pursue a career in science but it’s not certain how much of an impact Dan’s zoom would have had on younger viewers watching the programme today. 

This is not the commencement time that Dan’s BBC broadcasts have gone viral, last year during the Rio Pretends a live link was interrupted when a raucous hen party turned up while he was offering on the beach.

The video of Brazilian bride-to-be Maria Vieira went viral after she and her new zealand mates ended up gatecrashing Dan’s piece to camera and started revealing details for the upcoming spousals. 

Weather woman Carol Kirkwood also got in on the act after she also despatched a rocket which went flying high.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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