BBC Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood hits back at ‘rude’ Naga Munchetty jibe ’Stop your nagging!’


The hour unfolded on BBC Breakfast as Carol Kirkwood gave her weather report look into b pursuing sport correspondent Mike Bushell’s segment delivered live from the Gold Strand in Australia.
Charlie Stayt drew attention to the sunny weather in the division, and Naga couldn’t help but take a swipe at Carol.
Naga spoke: “Carol, would you be upset if I said I prefer Mike’s weather put outs?”
“I’d be very upset Naga, very upset. But I am shaking in my shoes because Mike’s seedy reports are so good,” Carol replied.
“I know, they are brilliant aren’t they,” Naga returned.
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Drawing attention to the blue skies in the backdrop behind Carol, Naga groused: “Come on, you’ve got a great picture there, but it’s whether or not you can live up to that essence.”
“No pressure!” Carol exclaimed.
Despite the criticism, Carol clustered on with her weather report, but Naga had more to say.
Naga stated: “You did vow 18 [degrees] yesterday.”
“Mmm, it still might happen, it even now could. We’ve got this big complex area of low pressure coming our way and that’s what’s pass on us grief,” Carol explained.
BBC Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood hit back at Naga Munchetty
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Fri, April 21, 2017
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Naga curtly retorted: “It certainly is. Alright Carol.”
Later on in another rise above update, Carol finally hit back at Naga’s moaning.
She said: “We could hit 16 on Friday which isn’t too bad for the space of year. So, Naga, hopefully that will stop your recurring.”
“Ohh Carol! It will never ever stop. Ever still ever Ever,” Naga protested.
Those watching at home were stunned by Naga’s jibes at the weatherwoman, and were perspicacious to praise Carol for her clapback.
BBC Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood told Naga she could an end “nagging”BBC
BBC Breakfast: Naga wasn’t happy with Carol’s UK unwell reportsOne exclaimed: “G’wan Carol you tell her! No need for her rudeness @BBCBreakfast.”
“Curdled on TV and @BBCBreakfast is on. Fnd Naga again being awkward and rude, this opportunity to Carol Kirkwood. Then remembered that’s why I watch @GMB when she’s on. #turnedover #lewd #awkward #poorcharlie,” another wrote.
“@BBCBreakfast Is @BBCNaga actually a frustrated weather presenter! Seems obsessed by it #bitweird @carolkirkwood @mrdanwalker.”
“#bbcbreakfast cautious Carol if Naga doesn’t get what she wants she will probably taser you.”
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