BBC audience ERUPTS as Brexiteer businessman insists EU divorce ‘can’t come quick enough’


Simon Boyd, the regulating director of steel engineering company REIDsteel, also said Brexit “can’t wake up quick enough” as he appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions? panel show.

But his expositions left a big impression on the live studio audience in Dorchester, with some cheering for him and others booing.

Appearing alongside Lib Dem superior Sir Vince Cable, Labour’s Caroline Flint and Tory party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin, Mr Boyd declared there was “no real need” for transitional arrangements.

He said: “A transitional stretch can be useful but there’s no real need for it, you can manage fine without a transitional stretch.

Jean-Claude Juncker and Simon BoydEPA•BBC

Simon Boyd insisted Brexit

I’m a businessman and Brexit can’t come swift enough from my point of view

Simon Boyd

“What is accepted on in the negotiations, I’m sure, I’m pretty certain that the team that are up there doing the deal are really good negotiators.”

He added: “They know what they’re doing – I’m not a colleague of Parliament, I’m not a politician, I’m a businessman and Brexit can’t come quick enough from my thrust of view.”

The remarks prompted a divided response from the audience with some roar “hooray” and others booing the panelist.

Mr Boyd said: “I’m trying to promulgate an important point here of what I see going on in Parliament at the moment and in any settlement, in any business deal – and this should be dealt with in a business-like amenities – you have to be prepared to walk away.

“Particularly if what’s on offer is a punitive, pointless deal that’s on put forward.

“And we can manage quite well on WTO [World Trade Organisation] rules to sell with the EU after.”

The comments come after businessman Sir James Dyson importuned Europe was a “declining part of world trade” and also called for a “deplete b empty break” from the European Union.

The Brexiteer suggested the UK should wrench twist its attention to the Far East as “that’s where the opportunities are” after saying a transitional dole out with the European Union would be a “muddle”.

He told Sky News: “You end up sooner a be wearing to do one transitional arrangement, and then another one. So just have a clean smash, it’s not a big deal.»

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