Baywatch babe Alicia Arden 48, strips completely NAKED for saucy National Nude Day shoot


Baywatch babe Alicia Arden nakedWENN

Baywatch babe Alicia Arden stripped in a state of nature for a saucy photo shoot

The 48-year-old actress, who starred in an episode of Baywatch second in 1994, showcased her incredible figure and youthful appearance in the naked picnics as she posed with a Gucci box.

Wearing nothing but a pair of trainers, the brunette shock flaunted her peachy posterior as she turned her back on the camera, shooting a Lorelei glance over one shoulder.

Flashing a glimpse of nipple in the eye-popping snaps, Alicia twisted down next to the designer package, with her posing against a sunshiny forest backdrop.

Baywatch babe Alicia Arden nakedWENN

Alicia left nothing to the imagination in the X-rated fly off the handle at grab ups

Baywatch babe Alicia Arden nakedWENN

She bared her peachy behind as she posed for National Nude Day

Her long, chocolate locks cascaded loose down her back and she observed her make-up minimal to emphasise her youthful complexion, adding a sweep of cherry pink lipstick and just dramatic eyeliner to make her baby x’s pop.

The star’s slender pins and toned midriff were on full splendour in the pictures which left nearly nothing to the imagination.

Alicia is no outlander to flashing the flesh and is regularly spotted out and about in racy ensembles.

Baywatch babe Alicia Arden nakedWENN

The brunette beauty stroked a Gucci box

Baywatch babe Alicia Arden nakedGETTY

The actress slipped in to a seriously skimpy witch outfit last Halloween

Last year, she was pictured in Los Angeles exposing her basic bottom in a risqué sexy witch costume for Halloween.

The tiny PVC edition only just covered the actress’ modesty as she posed cheekily for photographers.

Featuring a saucy set in motion front with skimpy straps that barely contained her bust, Alicia sported her gravity-defying assets as she pulled a series of quirky positions in the outfit, which came ideal with a pointed witch’s hat and broomstick.

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