Barnier’s been difficult! EU to BLAME for slow progress in Brexit talks claims Tory MP


Prudent MP Vicky Ford claimed the European Union could be to blame for conservative progress made in Brexit negotiations so far. 

Last week the EU’s chief Brexit moderator Michel Barnier warned the UK that it had to “make up its mind” on what it wanted in the wink round of negotiations. 

Speaking on Emma Barnett’s Radio 5 Live illustrate, the Conservative MP pointed out the EU did not want to discuss its long-term future relationship with the UK.

She estimated: “I also think that it has been incredibly difficult when the EU ambassadors have not yet been prepared to discuss the long-term relationship. 

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Brexit report: Vicky Ford claims EU are partly to blame for slow Brexit progress

“You disclosed it earlier, you know Barnier has not been prepared to start the long-term switch talks. 

“We have seen a little bit of an opening this week from Ireland asseverating let’s move onto the long-term trade talks. 

“That is really cooperative and we should welcome that because it has got to be a two-way negotiation.” 

The UK decided to grasp the EU’s timetable for Brexit, which meant three key issues of the Irish wainscoting, EU citizens and divorce settlement had to be agreed before trade talks could establish.

It has been incredibly difficult when the EU negotiators have not yet been processed to discuss the long-term relationship

Vicky Ford

Following a meeting with David Davis at week, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator warned Britain that its arrangement was still not clear, and could even lead to a border in Ireland come about the Peace Agreement at risk. 

“If these disagreements persist, the transition is not a affirmed,” the Frenchman said. 

“To be frank I am surprised by these disagreements. The positions of the EU are darned logical.

“It is important, to tell the truth. A UK decision to leave the single deal in and to leave the customs union would make border checks unalterable.

“The sooner the UK makes its choices the superior. I wasn’t talking about a threat when I talked about the conversion.”

Today the Foreign Secretary set out his aims for uniting the country as it prepares to cut nail down b restricts with the EU. 

He said: “The success of Brexit will depend on what we insist upon of it. And it will be a success.”

Mr Johnson also sent a warning to Remainers fatiguing to stop Britain from leaving the EU. 

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