‘Barnier doesn’t want a deal!’ Farage demands May quits NOW to stop wasting YEARS


Theresa May’s purely hope to achieve Brexit is to “walk away” from the negotiating tableland with Brussels and start talks with individual member avers.

Staunch Brexiteer Mr Farage said the UK Brexit team should take ones leave of the talks with Michel Barnier,  who was appointed by Jean-Claude Juncker, because he “doesn’t pauperism a deal”.

Speaking to Sky News minutes after the long-awaited Prime Curate’s Brexit update speech in Florence, Mr Farage said: “I don’t think Mr Barnier indigences a deal. I think, right from the start, he’s made a series of consummately impossible demands.

Brexit news - Nigel Farage demands May go above Juncker and Barnier after Florence speechGETTY/SKY NEWS

Mr Farage said the UK’s “only belief” was to walk away from the Brexit talks

“We do keep giving, give way, giving. We get nothing back in return. The idea that because we pay a membership fee for two advance years that will satisfy Mr Barnier financially is, frankly, for the birds.

“The just hope that the Brits have got is to go above the people living and being planned in Brussels to go straight to the member states’ governments. to the manufacturers, to get some albatross to put on them for a sensible trade deal.”

He said that “rather than dregs years of our lives” it would be better to leave the negotiations without a distribute and start striking new deals as an independent country.

In her monumental speech, Theresa May cried for a bold and creative agreement to be reached with the European Union, emphasizing “Britain’s future is bright” outside the bloc.

The Prime Minister suggested it was in the EU and UK’s interests to make a success of the negotiations, declaring it inevitable that Britain require be leaving the bloc.

“We share a profound sense of responsibility to make this shift work smoothly and sensibly,” she said.

“Not just for today but for the next crop who will inherit the world we leave them.

“The eyes of the world are on us but if we can be enterprising and creative about the way we establish this relationship… I believe we can be optimistic adjacent to the future we can build for the UK and for the EU.”

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